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  1. If you say so I say more than that.  I say only Chavs drive with a console controller. Sadly for you I'd drive circle around you with a controller. The fact that you dont have the finesse to use a controller properly does not  mean no one else has. HA!!! Finesse. I was gonna stay out of this and just let you have at it until you got all arrogant and frankly delusional. What finesse? you have steering assist. You should bloody run rings around people with a controller. you flick a switch left or right and get the exact perfect amount of steering angle for every single
  2. Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca.....Nurburgring (green hell, not the go-kart track F1 races on) and Sarthe.
  3. And that wasn't what @Hatta told us most recently about why they don't use the FOM HUD anyway... Exactly.  Hatta said "we've approached FOM about this. Its not possible right now", Steve Hood said what I originally commented, and a couple years ago some Codemasters official who went by the name T4NRG or something like that said the hardware was too old and couldnt process it. How many times do the fanboys need to be lied to before they pull their heads out of the sand? You mean T4RG4? Thats Steve Hood I believe.
  4. Can't they just have an option to turn R&D off? I thought they abandoned the 'live the life' angle.
  5. Let's get penalties for cutting Ascari right after 4 attempts then we can concentrate on the trivial stuff. Point I'm trying to make is there is surely a list of priorities in these bug ridden debacles, and the minor aesthetics isn't, and shouldnt be very high on that list. Of course if CM ever just managed to do it right we wouldnt be having this conversation would we?
  6. Well a ps4 has 32 times the RAM and ~4 times the processing power of a PS3 so I think the step up is bigger than you might expect, especially with things under the hood like physics, AI, lighting, 'dynamic-ness' of the world, etc... This is the company that can't manage a rear view mirror in GRID Autosport.....Yeah, no rear view mirror.....In a racing game.....Yep, you read that right. The company that releases patches TWO MONTHS after they release broken games. The company that is trying to sell us a game for £40 that has half the content of last years game........Which was £40. All the
  7. So we can only use this DLC in single player? Pfffft, yeah alright. No bother. Keep it :) I don't think Im missing much.
  8. Finally finished career. The worst single player in a racing game ever. No structure, no real reward, repetitive races, etc... The AI are abysmal. They don't even take the apex, they kind of brake and then edge over to an inside line and get crappy exits, terrible racers. Thats probably why I found myself restarting races over and over because I was being taken out by these psychos race after race.  And who programmed them to bang and barge down straights? What is the end goal here?  I feel a sense of achievement but not that I completed the game, It's because I know I never have
  9. I didnt even set a time in the second race of the intel challenge, I knew exactly how things would turn out with these chumps at CM overseeing things. Codemasters couldnt organise a pregnancy in a sperm bank, why does anyone think they could organise a fair competition?
  10. No. was me  XD. Seriously, i tied with ahother user and i was 7th. The one in the Lola around Circuit of the Americas reversed? If so then it was tied with me and it's a cool coincidence or everyone finished 7th and the leaderboards are still broken.
  11. I think they should take the national flags off display. There is no reason for them and it only leads to judging drivers before a race has even started.  I race with a group that kicks certain nationalities and as much as I think its harsh, I can't argue with some of the reasoning.  Take the flags out and we can judge people on how they race, not what part of the world they live. The only national flag that should be used in the game is the French one, and it should be an impact rating icon..... So it should go: White Green Yellow Orange Red French Flag.  :D  ^^^^tongu
  12. I was number 7 in the world on the endurance challenge last week. Good enough for Gold.
  13. Probably not part of his Racenet Club.....How dare you benefit from boosting when you're not in their club :p  There's some sad people around, you're better off not playing with them anyway.
  14. Im confused at the times they expect in some. Usually it's fine but once in a while, like the guy above mentioned with the Street RC challenge, there is an impossible time to aim for. I got number 7 in the world on the Endurance 2 weeks ago round COTA in the Lola and still didnt get platinum.
  15. Chevy Cruze for me in Cat C touring, Peugeot for Cat A. BTW, If anyone is interested the challenge that NWR Charger set me, it was a draw. We had two races and won one each, although he resoundingly hammered me in the Cat C touring.
  16. Yes, I really think the advisors should be briefed on the known fault in the game so that the troubleshooting session can be bypassed, but either way I was surprised with the refund. Good on you as well, I commend anyone that refuses to be walked all over.
  17. See my earlier post. I got a refund from MS. I've seen at least one person on this forum getting a refund from Sony and Im sure Steam would cave if you kicked up a fuss in numbers. Take the money away from 'em.......Thats the only solution and the problem with Codies over the last 4/5 years will not be fixed until this solution is taken up by the consumer.
  18. In an unprecedented show of customer service by Microsoft, I today received my £39.99 refund for G:AS This is special in the fact that Microsoft are known to be very hard headed when it comes to refunds. I was even told by the customer services advisor that all purchases are considered final and no refunds are given, although fair play to them I managed to change their minds. All I had to do was a few things on the Xbox such as clearing cache etc... to confirm it wasnt a technical issue with the system (We already know that, I didn't say they made it easy, haha) and then take a screenshot
  19. ''Whats the difference between BETA and Final Version?'' Codemasters......''There's a difference''?
  20. If customers were not going to be coming back to you in the future, wouldn't you want to know why? Or would you prefer to just watch your sales drop without having any advanced warning & no idea why customers left or what they chose instead? This guy just did CodeMasters a huge favor by pinpointing the exact things CodeMasters got wrong: "the bugs, the lies, the endless delays." Now CodeMasters doesn't have waste time or money guessing at what to do better in the future. If Codemasters really needed data on why people aren't buying their games anymore then they either need a new
  21. I got to video 3 and noticed something........ Mirrors........6 years ago they manage it.
  22. So Its Tuesday which is patch day for Xbox.  No patch. thats another week of waiting. Im out. Gonna e-mail MS see if I cant get a refund. Im not hopeful.
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