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  1. I wasn't even aware of these garage slot limitations. Where's this thread been hiding.

    Codies new business model is.....Make a Free-To-Play game.......Charge £40 for the free to play game......Include all the payable extras and add ons to help the player that a free-to-play game has........Laugh all the way to the bank.

    Well. I've come to my decision. I'm not going to talk of boycott and trading in the game. Im going to enjoy the game (When it;s patched and playable) the most I can. Im gonna get hours and hours out of it online with my friends and Im going to get those colourful bars in career mode right to the top on every discipline.....And I'm not going to spend one penny on DLC.

    Yes I may not be able to drive the SLR I was really looking forward to driving....But at least I can sleep at night knowing I didn't trade my dignity for pixels.

  2. Finally this morning I decided to overwrite my data, I played one race and my car got wrecked so the game got reboxed and ready to trade

    If you're British just take it back to the store under the sales of goods act....I bought mine online...No refund for me....I got CodeShafted.

    I also see we have a flip flop on the rear view mirrors. PC only because of limitations? Well, funny, because my mirrors on F1 2013 on Xbox work just fine, and theres TWO of those.

    I just don't believe a word they say anymore.

  3. DukeAgain said:
    Maybe we should start taking things to the next level.Anyone in the UK not happy with the game and all its problems should go here https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/contact and put in a complaint,I already have stating the problems with this game(and all of the previous games that were not finished before release.

    I remember an EA exec getting grilled by Anne Robinson about FIFA(13 i think) and its problems,EA soon sorted things out once the story had made national TV!

    Basically,dont bitch about the problems with the game on here,make the devs accountable and do things properly,its the only way we are going to get anywhere!

    Done and done. thanks a lot for that.

    Here is what I wrote in the ''brief description box''

    ''Paid £40 for the game plus £2.39 for an add on that I can not use.

    The game is in an unplayable condition as the save files become corrupt. This is a common problem and most consumers of the game have had this problem.

    Because of the unregulated state of digital downloads I can not get a refund. 

    Codemasters are aware of the problem but have so far not fixed it. The first complaints were on the 2nd July 2014 but even after a month nothing has been fixed.

    I feel I have no consumer rights in this event and that I have no recourse to take for justice from a company that seems really not to care in which state their products are offered for sale.''

    I understand this isn't going to have much of an effect on this specific issue but hopefully these people will stop releasing half finished  games.

    F1 2014 still hasn't been announced yet. Maybe they are actually waiting till it's finished till they release it. At least that what Im hoping. If Im wrong, then a spell on Watchdog might get them to think about actually doing that......I very much doubt it though.

  4. This is my last ever codemasters game. Been a loyal fan for a long long time now. But the online requirements and the xp payout is a joke. If i got a corrupt save file, the disc would be out the window for sure.

    Oh mate....I don't wish the feeling I had when I got that corrupt save message on anyone....Well, maybe I wish it on most CM employees.

    I think there are a select few lucky people that dont have this. But every single person I know with this game has the corrupt save file so not to bring a downer on things....But it's probably gonna happen to you. 

    Remember when Sim City was released and nobody could play it? It's turning in to that.

  5. So you didn't feel the need to come to read forums or Google say any problems with grid autosport I'm sure you would have seen plenty of sites that say things regarding data corruption. But you did tempt fate and push 400 games out , good thing is once patch is live you will get em back . 

    So as it being CM fault for have the corrupt data it's your fault also for not looking into things. With mist games nowadays you gotta look into them before you buy unless you don't care like myself I buy day one and just deal with whatever cones up.

    It is absolutely beyond belief that you just said its not CMs fault for screwing up..Its mine for not knowing they were going to screw up.

    It's even further beyond belief that you might even be right a little bit. 

  6. The problem with gaming as with banking is, it's unregulated.

    And like bankers...Game developers can screw you, take your money, have the cheek to ask for more and get away scot free.

    Codemasters and Capcom are the masters at this practice. Just look at the F1 games CM left broken and refused to patch.

    No pride. No integrity...Just digital bankers. Thats all they are.

  7. Avoided Codemasters like the plague since mid 2000's.

    Had to buy the F1 games as Im a massive fan. All in all complete farce of a series but in fairness 2013 almost got it half right.

    Bought GAS......Couldn't believe it. It was a good game, a REALLY good game even. So the AI are complete nutters but other than that I thought my decade boycott of CM had truly come to an end......

    Then.....After over 400 races.....Corrupt save file.

    Learned a lesson in 2004, and another one in 2014. I'll try you again in another decade, if you're still around.

  8. I only play online with friends so don't have that problem. 

    Good job I do as if I had to play with some of the disgusting examples of human beings in the online lobbies then that would be career and online out of the window and I'd have to find something else to do.

  9. They're suicidal.

    Very little effort went in to the A.I. They're just programmed to follow the racing line....Whether there's someone on it or not! 

    And whats the deal with putting them in RaceNet challenges? 

    Enjoying the handling and physics, actually loving everything about the game online but career is now a no go as it just isn't possible with these psycho A.I.

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