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  1. alphabetagaga

    A few questions about Touring Legends

    perfect thanks hadn't really explored the custom cup which as you say can be adjusted lap-wise. the multiplier only works for the career part of the game. legends championships seems stuck at 3 laps whatever multiplier i select. look forward to the tt legends :)
  2. alphabetagaga

    A few questions about Touring Legends

    love the new tracks :) also have a few questions 1 - why only 3 lap races? 2 - new tracks and cars not available in time trial. why is this?
  3. alphabetagaga

    The Weekly RaceNet Challenge Complain Post XD

    slightly off topic....but i'd like much more variety with the online playlists. seems the same old same old since day 1 :(
  4. alphabetagaga

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    scroll up posted earlier at 1pm
  5. alphabetagaga

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    patch is out. ps3 uk
  6. alphabetagaga

    dynamic range audio setting

    within the audio settings, the dynamic range default setting is 'high'. anyone else notice how 'toned down' the audio appears if left on this setting? for me, changing it to 'low' improves things greatly  :)
  7. alphabetagaga

    Repetitive Racenet Global Challenges Issue.

    jeeez give the guy a break
  8. alphabetagaga

    New tracks on the way

    new tracks for all formats correct?
  9. i assume this thread relates to pc only? unless someone can direct me to the whereabouts on a ps3?
  10. alphabetagaga

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    anyone else getting a very slight pause when switching to 'look back' camera? i've searched this thread but couldn't see any other reports