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  1. Woah... Speed trap data. That’s something I asked for in F1 2018 and it’s finally in the game. Progress has been made.
  2. ex250

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    Like you said, I have now noticed that this doesn't occur at Silverstone.
  3. ex250

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    Even if I improve, it still says "You're on top of the leaderboard." and I still am.
  4. ex250

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    The game version is 1.18 Xbox One S No Assists (Have tried every combination of assists, same results.) Yes I have on a custom setups(still does it with default.) And no I haven't gotten an error message. I also use a G920 wheel, but it does it even with a Xbox controller. It doesn't matter the track or car as long as it's a 2019 F1 car.
  5. For quite a while now, whenever I am in Time Trial in an F1 2019 car, any clean lap time I set, I appear at the top of the leaderboard. For example, I set a slow lap time in Australia at a 1:24;xxx, and it show that I am Top on the leaderboard, when clearly I am not the fastest because the times below are slower. This only happens in F1 2019 cars. I can set a time in anything else and it shows my placement in the leaderboard fine. I am on a Xbox One S and use a G920 wheel.
  6. ex250


    Wishing you all the best. Thanks for your support and professionalism in this community. I know you take a lot of the heat and you have always handled it well.
  7. And this game was beta tested...
  8. Looks like I didn't get it again, 3rd year in a row. I hope new people got the opportunity to try and improve this game.