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  1. I’m having the same problem on Xbox. Anytime I beat my rival, it instantly crashes. I’m on a Xbox One S using a Logitech G920 Wheel.
  2. racer602

    Speed trap info?

    I asked for this in F1 2017. Halfway through the life cycle of 2019, they made it appear in practice sessions on screen.... Sooo expect it by, I’d say F1 2023....
  3. racer602

    Unrealistically fast practice program times.

    I thought I was just **** at this game. It’s almost not fun because of how hard they are. It seems like they aren’t appropriately scaled to the set difficulty.
  4. racer602

    Controller vs Wheel

    At least it took a few hours after launch for someone to complain.
  5. racer602

    F1 2020 AND LOGITECH G920

    I thought it was just me being completely terrible at the game, but I'm starting to think that it isn't me. My question to you is, does the car feel like it extremely understeery through the middle of the corner or is that just me being terrible?
  6. Not only would that help in terms of playability, but the immersion as well. Even out on track during practice sessions too, maybe have the ability to decide what to change when you come in, so that it's box, push back, load, then drive with the new changes.
  7. For quite a while now, whenever I am in Time Trial in an F1 2019 car, any clean lap time I set, I appear at the top of the leaderboard. For example, I set a slow lap time in Australia at a 1:24;xxx, and it show that I am Top on the leaderboard, when clearly I am not the fastest because the times below are slower. This only happens in F1 2019 cars. I can set a time in anything else and it shows my placement in the leaderboard fine. I am on a Xbox One S and use a G920 wheel.
  8. Woah... Speed trap data. That’s something I asked for in F1 2018 and it’s finally in the game. Progress has been made.
  9. racer602

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    Like you said, I have now noticed that this doesn't occur at Silverstone.
  10. racer602

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    Any update?
  11. racer602

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    Even if I improve, it still says "You're on top of the leaderboard." and I still am.
  12. racer602

    Time Trial Leaderboard Bug

    The game version is 1.18 Xbox One S No Assists (Have tried every combination of assists, same results.) Yes I have on a custom setups(still does it with default.) And no I haven't gotten an error message. I also use a G920 wheel, but it does it even with a Xbox controller. It doesn't matter the track or car as long as it's a 2019 F1 car.
  13. And this game was beta tested...