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  1. This, 100x this! Sometimes i find myself complaining alot on the forums about this game but thats because it could REALLY be a great game! Its a matter of some simple suggestions people make to make this game great, but its not happening. Thats just disappointing.
  2. When you say codemasters ARE doing something, its not really codemasters, its us the users who have do do the hard work of tracking the cheaters recording and uploading (This job could take hours) and all CM have to do is review the material and apply a ban. But even this they dont do because they dont seem to reply to emails. Ive sent mine days ago and i heard nothing, same goes for some other people i talked to. I dont want to sound harsh but CM are doing nothing! Those bans they do on the Racenet Challenges leaderboards are probably done in 10 minutes. In online races the cheaters have
  3. Maybe CM could do something but because the nature of online can´t do much more than kick vote and some more improvement, but again there´s no a total solution, is very difficult that a company forces or have great reasons to ban anybody from a videogame plattform. Salute. This is not the nature of online. The nature of online is having an anti-cheat system. All the big developers have them why not Codemasters? I am sure Codemasters is one of the big players in the game industry and they have never released a game with an active AntiCheat system. Thats just unbelievable for a big company
  4. So freakin awesome you caught him... He was so sneaky changing his name and steamprofile link all the time.. Hope your video gets rid of him... I've been looking around if I could find him again but no luck. Here is his steamprofile if you may have lost track of it. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197968705079
  5. First of all i really like this game. It has a great gameplay not too sim and not to arcady combined with some good graphics. One thing that ruins this great and fun experience is the amount of cheaters online. I would really like to hear something from the developers in regards to this HUGE problem the online community has now. I mean, no other bugfix or DLC or whatever should have a bigger priority than banning cheaters online. As long as there are cheaters around the fixes/patches are practicly useless. If you support this, please leave a message so this problem gets some attention! To s
  6. -What happened to the ability to see if your online oponent has tunes his vehicle or not? This used to be the case in GRID 2 but is missing on Autosport. -Furthermore, the microphone should be Push to Talk by default and not Vioce Detection by default. To many poeople connect in the middle of a race while they listen music or i hear their car and you cant mute them until the race is over, very annoying! -We need to be able to chat, really how hard is that to add to the game??! -Let us spectate when we join a lobby which just started! -And ofcourse the repaircosts, this just totally breaks the
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