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  1. mykalboi

    F1 2019 not working on PS4 CM please read

    Just tried that and it’s now working first time I put the disk in, turned the PS4 then turned it on and it still worked hopefully *touchwood* this has actually fixed it. Thank you very much not sure what restore licences does but I’ll definitely Google it. Thanks again
  2. mykalboi

    F1 2019 not working on PS4 CM please read

    Done a database rebuild yesterday sadly still doesn’t work. Would be nice if CM could reply to know they have been aware of this issue and can offer some advice. Thanks for the reply though 👍
  3. Hi I have F1 2019 on the original PS4 and when I put the disk in it comes up saying “ Unrecognisable disk” I take it out and I have to do this a few times for it to actually read the disk and get playing I’ve tried other games and they work fine when I insert the disk they include. Resident evil 2 and 7 The walking dead definitive series. And Grid ultimate edition. Also I’ve cleaned the disk of F1 and there was no marks or scratches. I’ve deleted the application and it worked only temporarily. It’s started happening since I installed the latest patch that being 1.21. Has anyone else had this problem ?
  4. I can 100% see manager mode happening one day if they make driver transfers happen then really anything is possible.
  5. Quick question i am in season 3 of my career and Alfa Romeo has nearly maxed out am I better off starting again with career ? I’m with Haas and I just can’t keep up with R&D 😔