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  1. Definitely agree I also think they should add the red flag
  2. I have checked and it stays on but I was thinking maybe the patch has affected it. Seems to be every time a patch is released it breaks something else 🙄
  3. Hello ever since patch 1.07 was released I have noticed the safety car no longer comes out and the AI no longer crash I’ve had a couple of big crashes with the AI to test if it would trigger it but I've had nothing. I’m currently in my 2nd season and haven’t had a single safety car, in my first season the safety car came out a lot and it mixed up the race quite a lot. Anyone else noticed this ? I have safety car to increased and collisions on with AI set to 86.
  4. Finished it today, if I’m honest I’d rather them focus on improving the game and fixing the bugs
  5. I do wonder what these “developers” do because seriously it’s pathetic. Utter laziness
  6. Literally just came on here to see if anyone else was having this problem. I thought my new headphones we’re faulty. What console you playing on ? I’m playing on PS5
  7. I hope what you’ve said is being looked into, I have noticed how easy it is to overtake and win in braking point mode it’s like racing with AI on 0% it’s just so easy. A patch has just been released for the PS5 disabling ray tracing but only temporarily. Well so they say temporarily
  8. Hi I am tempted to delete then reinstall, when you reinstalled did you find more bugs ? I’ve decided to stop playing the game until this is fixed because this is kind of a serious bug imagine doing a 100% race and on the last lap this happens. So far it’s just been in the braking point so haven’t seen if it’s happening in the other game modes.
  9. Managed to get there in the end thank you everyone
  10. @BarryBL if you could pass this on or move to the forum where you report stuff that would be great please
  11. So far I’ve had 2 crashes on braking point I will cross the start/finish line and it will just freeze but the sounds of the engine will keep going. It happened in F2 on the last lap so I had to it all over again. It’s just again happened now while racing around Belgium in the Aston Martin on lap 5 again on the start/finish line again in the Braking point story. Very frustrating anyone else having these problems?? I’ve uploaded a video hope this helps explain what I mean. IMG_6928.MOV
  12. I would say they was also removed because the license to have them classic cars probably expired and they were to much to renew so they decided to just drop them. If anyone wants to use them they can play F1 2017 to F1 2020. What put me off is that they never used classic drivers instead they used made up names. Also I’d rather have a full season of classic cars instead of just random ones from different years
  13. You should have gotten a extra piece of paper with the receipt with the code on
  14. Hi so I’ve bought F1 2021 from my local GAME store. Currently installing it and I went to the PS store to purchase the deluxe upgrade pack which includes the 7 drivers etc and its saying “This product can’t be purchased on PS5” why is this ?? UPDATE: it seems to have been taken down from the PS store now
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    F1 2021 game

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