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  1. BorislavAndonov

    Enough is enough CM

    I want other company to make the F1 game next year.
  2. BorislavAndonov

    Enough is enough CM

    Perfect. You are right.
  3. Right now on career mode I made a Singapore GP and I decided to call SC like I stopped on one of the turn. The SC was deployed. Off course I was last 20th. And what I noticed you can overtake every car in front of you. Before when the SC was deployed normal by AI you could not. There was somethinng like wall between you and the car in front. May be this is the LIMITER. Also when the safety car is coming in the pit in the 3rd sector on the same lap on the top left corner on the display is written NO OVERTAKING LIMITER ACTIVE. Yes but no the limiter is no active. Please codemaster fix this issue. I think this is the problem NOW that SC and VSC are not deployed.
  4. BorislavAndonov

    Codemasters are planning to fix safety car?

    CIA or KGB send you SC from the headquarter to be happy and be happy. Amine.
  5. BorislavAndonov

    Where is the SAFETY CAR?

    Can you tell me what are you playing? I am on career mode with REDBULL, 75% difficult, race lenght - 25%, damage - simulation, safety car - on, patch 1.09. I begin to think that the problem is in my computer or in my STEAM account I do not know where is the problem. Can someone answer me where is the problem?
  6. BorislavAndonov

    Where is the SAFETY CAR?

    Alo where is Bernd Maylander?
  7. BorislavAndonov

    1.10+ patch wishes

    ALO where is the SAFETY CAR? May be Bernd Maylander is on holiday.
  8. BorislavAndonov

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Safety car
  9. BorislavAndonov

    How to downgrade to 1.03 patch / version

    I am on PC The special is that the SC came more often. How can I do this in PC?
  10. BorislavAndonov

    Please fix the safetycar!

    YES I agree
  11. BorislavAndonov

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Yes, but at the begining when the game was in version 1.03, 1.04 and may be 1.05 the SC came more often. They destroy the game.
  12. BorislavAndonov

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Can you tell me where are the savegame files to delete them and to begin a new career?