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  1. After 1.10 there are no more AI retirements respectivly SC or VSC. Please remove that ugly patch 1.10. Today I made an experiment a fresh installation of the game and again no retirements from the AI. REMOVE PATCH 1.10
  2. Did someone noticed that. Again good job codemasters you are PRO and make the game buggy again. Remove the 1.10 patch.
  3. YES I agree with You. There are TWO PROBLEMS WITH CODEMASTER. 1. They really do not care about Safety Car. OR 2. They can not FIX the Safety Car.
  4. The same here to me this is what I want to say.
  5. Realy boring game. Next year I will think seriously to buy the new one.
  6. Thank you very much for good words. I am from Bulgaria but no matter. Senna is NUMBER 1 FOREVER. Thank You.
  7. After every patch you release I delete all saves and start new career and I had Safety cars until now after 1.07 the SC disappeared. I play PC, 25% race, damage - full and simulation. When the SC will be fixed? Will the 1.08 patch include SC fix? Thank you.
  8. OK if You are right that the title of this post is wrong can You answered me why after every patch they release I deleted all saves and began new career and when there is AI retirement usually 1 per 25% race which I play I got SC. But now after 1.07 nothing. I play PC, 25% race, damage - full and simulation no matter there are no SC. Where is this "bug section"?
  9. If you are with patch 1.07 and you want to restart your career like me there are no more SAFETY CARS or VSC. It was very big mistake which I made.
  10. Again no SC for me. What are you doing codemasters? I play very rear the game but again SC and VSC disappeared. What the hell is going on?
  11. Ok I will try. One question do you DELETE ALL SAVES in game settings menu and start new career OR just start new career without deleting the saves? I noticed that everyone who has SC and write here start career with there own team. But I want to make a clean, standart career without making my own team. May be this is the thing what I am doing wrong or may be CODEMASTERS did not made their job like every year.
  12. Also which version are you playing? I am on PC and version of the game is 1.03.
  14. Codemasters where is the SC in career mode I play the F1 2020 game since friday morning and I HAVE NOT SC only VSC? I play 25% lenght, 75% difficult, SC on, damage full and simulation on both there are not SC. Also I have only one retirement in the race. Last year you promised that there will be 2 retirements per 25% lenght race. Sorry but lied us like customers.
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