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  1. u on ps3 steve?  i have that problem when joining others rooms, which is y i surround myself with good fast drivers, but svenos was beating my by at least a sec a lap sometimes more. this is precisely y i dont race lobbies any more as i would win a 3 lap race by 10 secs, have fastest lap by 3 secs and then instantly get kick votes or a huge target on my car for the next race. and lets not forget the cheater messages sent over and over. so now i only race custom cup with my team.  im not an elite driver, but fast enough to beat or compete with the majority
  2. thats what i said, i have this problem every time that TRP join our room, they so fast that some of my team members accuse them of cheating, i spend the entire time defending TRP. Like you, i beleive the only way to get faster is to race better drivers.
  3. hi all. decided to put an official apology to the TRP boys who joined our room last. my teams reaction to you was unfair and i was in a very difficult position, i had 2 members quit the room and flat out refuse to race you guys and 1 guy going mental on his mic. i dont know how much of it you guys heard but i did nothing but DEFEND you. im in a difficult position as i want to race with the best in the game to improve my own driving but my team members were constantly asking me to kick u guys (text chat and mics)  from the room (i rufused) and as a result 1 team member has even left the cl
  4. impact rating issue has been noted by pc users for a couple weeks, so look like a side effect
  5. pb only seems to trigger in an online time trial when u  complete a car track combination for the 1st time, although personally i never recieved it when going faster on a 2nd time trial.
  6. has it repaired your corrupted saves? as many r saying it hasnt
  7. hi guys, looks like ps3 patch is now live so expect my leader board pos to jump around as i switch between my sp and mp saves, my sp save has approx 2 million xp less than my mp.
  8. well said, ros should get retroactive penalty that drops him out of the points.
  9. im 1 of those people that uses 3 to 4 back usb sticks from the start. 4 of my closest friends are out with SFC, and everybody i know has been affected by it in 1 way or another. Yes it is a different cause to grid 2 but the same result, personally i believe it is done to codies system of keeping ALL data in the save file instead of splitting sp and mp like most companies do. i think that having so much information in 1 file makes it fragile and it seems that only a minor error within that file causes the SFC. CM will have this problem in every game they create until they wake up and start us
  10. https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/1303/monster-racers link to join
  11. https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/6643/save-corrupted link to join page. good work alain, wont join your team myself as have my own team and want to leave room for people to race in your team colours. As i said in the other post, i predict your club to be the fastest growing club on racenet and im sure u guys will be a major threat to us once the patch comes along and u get racing. if u guys wanna a fun and friendly team vs team battle just join my room. i hope to see u online soon, fingers crossed on that damn patch.
  12. SRB simply wants to promote his club, he thought outside the box and came up with a clever solution, u cant diss him for that. by the way spam is an emil term for when u get tonnes of unwanted emails and dosen't apply to 1 single thread.
  13. rosberg, looked cynical and deliberate to me, aimed for his tyre.
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