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  1. hi all. decided to put an official apology to the TRP boys who joined our room last. my teams reaction to you was unfair and i was in a very difficult position, i had 2 members quit the room and flat out refuse to race you guys and 1 guy going mental on his mic. i dont know how much of it you guys heard but i did nothing but DEFEND you. im in a difficult position as i want to race with the best in the game to improve my own driving but my team members were constantly asking me to kick u guys (text chat and mics)  from the room (i rufused) and as a result 1 team member has even left the club. so sorry for the way u were treated.
  2. hi all. firstly  A big Thank u to ROBERTOMGON for resetting your online progress and changing my opinion of you. I havn't removed your name from the post as it is central to most of what i say but i wanted to let everybody know that u have done the HONORABLE thing and reset your online progress. THANK YOU. i made a separate thread as i have been in communication with 1 of these guys. he outright denies hacking the leader-boards. but then admits to working in internet security, breaking systems to find weaknesses, ie hacking. he admits sharing his save file that had an illegitimate 8.5 million xp on it with his friend who has used this save file on 2 accounts and has continued to use the xp hack on his main account. in his most recent post he claimed to have played online for a whopping 18 hours. so he has managed to get 11.5 million xp in 18hours with a 40% win rate and 55% podiums. @loore @justbiglee. i am currently 4th with 3 DAYS  racing (72 hrs)  60% win rate and 90% podiums. These 3 accounts need to be removed from the ps3 leader-boards. ROBERTOMGON (has now reset online progress), SODPAPZR3ADY and SODR3ADY. All 3 are using the same hacked save file. im not in the habit of naming and shaming. i refrained for 3 weeks until robert started replying to me in the 'last weks racenet cheat' thread and then in the this weeks racenet cheat thread. This is The 1st time i have EVER named and shamed anybody on any forum in over 20 years of gaming. ill tell u a bit about me. im 35, have 2 kids and work for a major drinks distributer. Gaming is my main hobby and race games are my favourite type. i have over 260 platinums, but have never chased leader boards before. i normally rent games, platinum them and then send em back. however i have been having so much fun on this game, and made SO many new friends i have decided to keep it. Due to home and work commitments i get to play approx 3 - 4 hrs a day (evening). 6 -7 hours on day off. i play the game for fun and to $%& about with friends. when i realised 4 weeks ago that i was closing in on donzie and johnaudrey" (1st and 2nd at the time) i was delighted. just as i got to within 1000 xp of john and donzie, ROBORTOMGON appeared from nowhere on 8.5 million xp, swiftly followed by his friend and the sub acc. As u can imagine i was heartbroken, as this is the 1st time i ever had the chance to be no1 on any leader boards, but also the 1st time a cared about it. Roberto (now reset) and his friend have since used this hack to jump up to 10 and 11 million xp aech. now that they know thay cant be caught they appear to be playing the game normally. Roberto claims that this is all a glitch and that he has informed @loore about it. however if this was true, im sure loore would have backed him up at some point on the forum. Also if it is  a 'glitch' as he claims then how come he and his friend r the only people to discover it, and to continue using it. If the stopped at 8.5 mill ( the original 'glitch' / hack amount) i might believe them and wouldnt be so angry about it. its the fact that they used it all the way up to 10 and 11 million that THEY DIDNT EARN. thnx for reading and apologies if u think im being daft but this is the 1st time i have cared about a leader board ranking. not for popularity or prestige but simply because i earned it. oh and yes i have emailed the address in the 'how to report cheats thread' several times.
  3. monster227

    multi platform club question

    hi all, 1 of my team members is planning on switching from ps3 to pc, also his brother uses pc and will shortly be getting the game, can they still join/link  to the racenet club as we are based on ps3. will they still be able to earn club xp for monster racers or will they have to set up an entirely new team on pc?
  4. hi all, does anybody know the max amount of members per club? my club (monster racers) now has a whopping 47 members. we have 7 inactive members that have never raced  in club colours, if the max drivers is 50 i may have to start removing inactives. however i really wanted to wait until the patch to give everyone a fair chance. however if the max is 75 or 100 then i dont have to worry.
  5. hi all, i thought i would make u all aware that my racenet id (monster227) will be jumping up and down the multi player leader boards once the patch finally goes live, i have had no choice but to back up my sp progress on a usb and then reset it as i was getting constant save corruption, i have carried on playing online and likely will have over 2 million more xp when the patch arrives. when i go back onto my sp save i will undoubtedly fall down the leader board and then seemingly jump back up when i reload my online data. i wanted to post it here as i do not want to be accused of cheating. im sure lots of people will have similar problems. my current pos is 3rd with 8.2 million xp (right behind the 2 hacks)
  6. monster racers now have 68 members, we are still recruiting. https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/1303/monster-racers we now have our own forums at http://monster-racers.forumprod.com please feel free to visit the forum and check us out, forum has been set up to aid transition to other games and new gen consoles (ps4). we plan to invade and dominate every racing game on ps3/4, so join monster racers now and join the best crew in the world. recruitment is open, all r welcome, we do not discriminate against nationality, background, age or skill level. this can be seen in our member list as we already have 14 different nationalities in our team ALL credit to ervin_91 aka elplate for setting up the forum
  7. hi all, i am team principal for monster racers, we currently have 51 members and we are 1st/2nd in the leaderboards, we have a very diverse group of members from various countries and backgrounds, all are accepted and welcomed, we have just 2 rules. they are to play fair and don't cheat, and to wear club livery whenever possible.recruitment is set to open so jump on racenet and join up. we meet up every night for a laugh, we have fun and do all different disciplines, ideally i would like to have a monster racers room for every discipline in the game so that our members can easily find there favorite cars. we race on ps3 i hope to see u all on the track. 
  8. hi all, i was wondering if the leader boards on race net are combined so that all ps3 xbox360 and pc users are joined together. if anybody knows please post. the reason i ask is that the none of the players from the no1 team in the club rankings leader boards show up on the multiplayer leader boards. there r 2 possible explanations for this. 1.   they r playing on xbox360 or pc and have a seperate multiplayer leaderboard to mine on ps3, but the club ranking leader board is intergrated. 2. the club rankings leader board has already been hacked. im not trying to point the finger at any1 and im just asking for clarification on how the leader boards work.
  9. monster227

    Aplogies to @SVENOS and replay.

    u on ps3 steve?  i have that problem when joining others rooms, which is y i surround myself with good fast drivers, but svenos was beating my by at least a sec a lap sometimes more. this is precisely y i dont race lobbies any more as i would win a 3 lap race by 10 secs, have fastest lap by 3 secs and then instantly get kick votes or a huge target on my car for the next race. and lets not forget the cheater messages sent over and over. so now i only race custom cup with my team.  im not an elite driver, but fast enough to beat or compete with the majority
  10. monster227

    Aplogies to @SVENOS and replay.

    thats what i said, i have this problem every time that TRP join our room, they so fast that some of my team members accuse them of cheating, i spend the entire time defending TRP. Like you, i beleive the only way to get faster is to race better drivers.
  11. monster227

    Patch 36mb.... ready for download U.S. ps3

    impact rating issue has been noted by pc users for a couple weeks, so look like a side effect
  12. monster227

    Event Cash Rewards

    pb only seems to trigger in an online time trial when u  complete a car track combination for the 1st time, although personally i never recieved it when going faster on a 2nd time trial.
  13. monster227

    Patch 36mb.... ready for download U.S. ps3

    it seems for some but not all
  14. monster227

    Club name: Save Corrupted, tag: COR

    has it repaired your corrupted saves? as many r saying it hasnt
  15. monster227

    jumping stats and leader board pos. ps3

    hi guys, looks like ps3 patch is now live so expect my leader board pos to jump around as i switch between my sp and mp saves, my sp save has approx 2 million xp less than my mp.
  16. monster227

    Codemasters please sort out the penalties

    well said, ros should get retroactive penalty that drops him out of the points.
  17. im 1 of those people that uses 3 to 4 back usb sticks from the start. 4 of my closest friends are out with SFC, and everybody i know has been affected by it in 1 way or another. Yes it is a different cause to grid 2 but the same result, personally i believe it is done to codies system of keeping ALL data in the save file instead of splitting sp and mp like most companies do. i think that having so much information in 1 file makes it fragile and it seems that only a minor error within that file causes the SFC. CM will have this problem in every game they create until they wake up and start using servers to store mp progress. i am a big fan of codies games, i can see both sides of the argument, i love the game, it is natural successor to grid 1, if a cm fanboy like me can be SOOO pis sed of at cm right now, i can only imagine how angry casual gamers feel right now. this is solely my opinion on the matter and not meant to upset or offend anybody.
  18. https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/1303/monster-racers link to join
  19. monster227

    Club name: Save Corrupted, tag: COR

    https://racenet.codemasters.com/grid-autosport/club/6643/save-corrupted link to join page. good work alain, wont join your team myself as have my own team and want to leave room for people to race in your team colours. As i said in the other post, i predict your club to be the fastest growing club on racenet and im sure u guys will be a major threat to us once the patch comes along and u get racing. if u guys wanna a fun and friendly team vs team battle just join my room. i hope to see u online soon, fingers crossed on that damn patch.
  20. monster227

    Take a look ------------>

    SRB simply wants to promote his club, he thought outside the box and came up with a clever solution, u cant diss him for that. by the way spam is an emil term for when u get tonnes of unwanted emails and dosen't apply to 1 single thread.
  21. monster227

    Any real news?

    hear, hear
  22. monster227

    Codemasters please sort out the penalties

    rosberg, looked cynical and deliberate to me, aimed for his tyre.
  23. monster227

    Codemasters please sort out the penalties

    the penalties are very inconsistent  right across the game. i have had teammates follow almost exact same line as me and get penalty when i didn't and vice verser. u probably just run that little bit wider without realising when avoiding. with quick drivers your talking a cm or 2 difference and thats all it takes. i lost count of the amount of times i turned in to early, realised my mistake, got off throttle and attempted to go around the kurb and still got a penalty, the game rigidly enforces white lines and gives little or no thought to circumstances. however, i consider this a minor annoyance until cm can get everybody back on the track and racing. my 4 best friends are currently out of action with SFC, and although i have a lot of people to race and have fun with, it simply isnt the same. i need my minions back, lol
  24. monster227

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    man, i love this idea and sure as hell will be looking over my teams shoulder if the patch ever arrives, should duplicate the club onto all formats and takeover the GAS world. i predict your club will be the fastest growing club on the game and u will probably hit the 100 max members in a couple of days. what console do u play on? also u should post in the clubs section so u can rally some support and get members signed up ready. i hope the patch comes soon and wish u all the best of luck. My team is on ps3 and currently have over 30 members out with SC. hopefully see u on track eventually. was gonna play GAS today but after i finally got signed in to my acc i found the game didnt work properly, rebooted and guess what? soooo could not be bothered to access my backups yet again.
  25. monster227

    Codemasters please sort out the penalties

    sorry rob but the game dosent give penalties for gaining an advantage but solely for crossing white lines whether u get an advantage or not.