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  1. Hello @Faya

    I just don´t get it?!
    Why you guys make it so complicated at codemasters. Leave the assists as they are, BUT just put some weight on the car for each assist the driver uses. This will balance the problem much simpler. Nothing changes with the traction but every activated assist makes you a bit slower because you are just heavier. Basically like performance-weight in real motorsport. 

    This should be good for all users, because you get rewarded with a lighter/faster car if you able to drive without some or any assists and if you are not able to drive without them, you still got a very stable car but you are just not that fast. Everybody can choose. 
    This option should also make it easier for you to make "performance-balancing" in the future.

    Kind regards Alex

  2. Hello @F1Support ,
    yesterday we had our second league race in China and we decided to turn on the Safty Car and allow drivers to reconnect if they disconnected for some reason.
    To make it short: It is STILL not working like it should.

    Everything was fine till I got disconnected with Steam. After my rejoin my car was all over the track for some drivers. 
    My view: 

    This applied to other drivers too. Not only Daniel.

    The next thing was the second Safety Car. 
    (the video speaks for itself)

    The last thing is the result screen.
    I came over the line in forth position but almost all drivers had a complete different result at the end of the race.

    I am still very disappointed, lost all my hopes in Codies. Please fix those bugs. 

  3. The thing is: Every year it is the same. Even with the beta. They patch one thing and f**k up another. 
    For leagues its just no fun anymore. Every year all leagues have to adopt to the game, well not the game itself but to the tons of bugs. Look at the AOR. No formation lap and no safety car. And there are still some other bugs which can destroy a whole league race. This is just ridiculous. I am very disappointed. Again. Like the last 3 years. 

  4. Hello,
    yesterday we again had a testrace for our online league FRL. 
    The first thing is that the voice chat is not working really well. You are not able to hear everybody, and some of them are just too quiet.
    This is very annoying. Last year everything worked without a problem.

    The next thing is that almost all of the old bugs are still there:
    - DSQ for "not" changing tyres at the end of the race. https://youtu.be/ksz88n0w6pA?t=3385
    - broken cars at the side of the track remain there till the end of the race, which leads to yellow flags all over the race (basicly the whole video)
    - no safety car no matter how hard the crash was. (not even VSC)

    One more thing:
    - DRS should be little more powerfull

    About our league:
    PC - Short Quali - 50% 
    Multiplayer championship (Friends only) 

  5. I really don´t like the lack of information. I simply will not preorder a game without a trailer or reliable information (I am not speaking about twitter or Youtubers).
    Other games, (also other racing games) give out information way earlier. I am very disappointed, like the last years. I always told you that, but it have not changed till today.

  6. isamu99 said:

    I'm calling on everyone to boycott this game if they don't include VR and I'm not joking! No VR, NO SALE! C'mon Codies you've had a full year to get this right, don't screw it up. VR is a HUGE demand for this year's game!

    Riiiiiiiiiight. We'll boycott a game because you don't like that a small aspect isn't in the game. 

    yea, I just don´t care about VR

  7. I hope that we are able to drive on some old tacks. Because that is what I liked about the 2013 game. Racing in Imola or Estoril. Would be great to have 3 to 4 "old" tracks. Maybe Indianapolis, Imola or the Nürburgring? 

    Edit: And I hope that there will be no DLCs, except of the pre-order bonus.

  8. I just don´t get the point in telling your "beta-testers" that they are able to participate and than nothing happens for weeks, without any real information? I mean where is the logic. You hype the testers up, but then you disappoint them in the following weeks. Would be great to get some info in generell about the game.