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    can i use my own custom livery and make points for the club ? in custom lobbys we are with 6,7,8... clubmember and all with the same car and livery ... so nobody can see who is in front of him... i want to use my own livery , so that everyone can see its me, and make clubpoints...
  2. +1 and everytime the game wants to conect to racenet my game goes to small picture (no fullscreen). a clubmember has bluescreens in this moment....
  3. Wicked72

    Server Region

    moin. unter Steam--> einstellungen --> downloads  die download region auf uk-london stellen soll helfen. ich wechsel immer zwischen frankfurt und london und finde zumindest bei den touring-cups meist offene lobbys. ansonsten schau mal bei den individuellen cups nach, da ist immer was..
  4. Wicked72

    Mirror is here!

    great. maybe this modder is the last chance for upgrades
  5. Wicked72


    +1 this weekend and yesterday i had connection lost or no connection every second race...
  6. Wicked72

    Bugged Cars - Update

    as i say... you can play this cars!!! so you can buy, tune and and and and.... on Pc!
  7. Wicked72

    Bugged Cars - Update

    there is a way to play with all cars... make a new player, but dont delete the old one.... with the new one you can buy and drive all cars. but dont delete the old player!!! when the patch comes you can play with the old one...
  8. Wicked72

    @loore patch progress please .

    is there any positive thing to say?? yeah, we have new dlc´s.. wow ... but without this patch we dont need a dlc....
  9. Wicked72

    British car pack

    yeah.. thats great... we get a new dlc... please give us more from this stuff... we need more dlc´s!!! Patch?? we dont need a patch.. we are totally happy with all this bugs... i love this way you are going....
  10. Wicked72

    Bugged Cars - Update

    any news about the patch?? in racenet i can see 2 more dlc, but nobody knows anything about the patch and we need this....
  11. Wicked72

    Bugged Cars - Update

    i´m on pc...
  12. Wicked72

    Bugged Cars - Update

    i ´m waiting for this patch... i can´t use most of my cars, my slots are full with cars i can´t use or sell..... when will this patch come??