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  1. He was bloody lucky, as was the cameraman and any spectators in the area. That person will be parking there car a little further away from the stage next time!
    I'd love to hear the call between that owner and the insurance company.

    "And where was the vehicle? ...an off road car park? I see. And do you have the registration number of the vehicle that hit you?"
  2. KickUp said:
    Azoresst said:

    Thanks Paul! By the way in Career can we expect a good amount of stages created by the designers or will it be like DiRT Rally? And can we expect Rally events to have, lets say, 10+ stages (close to the real "deal")?
    In DiRT Rally we had 12 unique stages that we reversed and cut up into smaller routes. In DiRT 4 we will have hundreds of unique stages

    Your Stage can make a near infinite number of stages because the combinations are so huge. 
  3. 789ifyz said:
    Tribute to "one of the most depressing moments in anime": http://kotaku.com/a-tribute-to-one-of-the-most-depressing-moments-in-anim-1787400241 

    Yup. As soon as I saw the link I thought "This is probably from Clannad, PMMM or Fullmetal Alchemist".

    The smart thing FMA did is use that story to show you how dark it could go, but rarely actually went that far. It made you on edge while you were watching without actually depressing you too much. This is where it's stronger than, say, Madoka Magica, because that show just spiraled deeper and deeper into misery without any reprieve. In Fullmetal Alchemist, the moments of horror were used sparingly. So you really felt them when they hit.
  4. Has anyone seen The Asterisk War, Yona of the Dawn or Akame ga Kill? They caught my eye on Crunchyroll and I'm nearing the end of the latest Fairy Tail arc and have no idea what to watch next.

    Also, is it bad I fangirled slightly over the latest Fairy Tail OST release? :| I think I'm falling into the obsession trap.

    I've seen some of Akame ga Kill, but I stopped after a few episodes. It was a bit too grim for my tastes. I remember my friend watching Yona of the Dawn and he either said it was really good or really terrible.

    ...not remembering which one probably doesn't help you much, huh? xD
  5. SynGamer said:
    I actually ended up watching ReLIFE and really enjoyed it. Probably because I'm 30 and questioning all of my previous decisions, etc, etc. Thinking about Flying Witch or giving Shitobako another chance, we'll see.
    Flying Witch is fantastic if you want something warm and comfy. It's about the warmest, comfiest thing in the world.
  6. On the Shirobako note I started watching New Game today which... is NOT like Shirobako but for game development. >_<

    As you can imagine that would probably be right up my alley. Instead, it just seems to be your typical cute girls doing cute things show and the Cute Thing in question here is making a game. The main character somehow got a job as a character designer straight out of high school and she can't even do basic 3D. Grounded in reality this one is not!

    Kinda fun first episode though.
  7. SynGamer said:
    Finished Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! last night. Enjoyed it. It was cute, though some moments were a bit cringe-worthy. Unfortunately the reviews for season 2 are not good at all. I'll probably pass on that for now.

    Moving on, I'm thinking about starting Flying Witch, it looks great and I'm hearing great things. But I kind of want to stick with ENG dubbed anime for a little bit. I find I'm more engaged during my commutes when it's English. Does anyone know if anything on my "Plan to Watch" list is dubbed and worth watching?

    I'm not certain about English dubs on these, but if you can find them I STRONGLY recommend the following from your list:

    - Barakamon
    - Konosuba (probably not dubbed yet, it's still very recent)
    - Hyouka
    - Shirobako.

    I just finished watching Shirobako for the 2nd time today. It's just brilliant. One of my favourite ever anime. It's takes the story of 'anime production' and makes it into a fun yet dramatic show without sacrificing the sense of realism. Even though much of it is still a more idealistic, romanticised version of anime production than is probably realistic, it still feels believable.
  8. SynGamer said:
    Finished Tari Tari today, really enjoyed it, definitely better than AnoHana. Yet again I'm getting reeled into the rom-coms. They're the perfect distraction from day-to-day responsibilities of being an adult. Open to suggestions...

    (Aka: My Love Story in English).

    Seriously it is the best of the romcoms.
  9. 789ifyz said:

    inb4 Endless Eight remastered

    789ifyz said:

    I'm personally not very optimistic when it comes to live-action adaptations of comics and games.
    I almost *never* watch adaptations of anime. Although that's perhaps hypocritical of me seeing almost all the anime I watch is an adaptation of a manga. I get very attached to the character designs and seiyuu though, most of the time it would be very weird seeing that story in live action.

    BTW guys this season is amazing. There's so much good stuff it's pretty much consuming my entire non-working time.
  10. SynGamer said:

    Just finished Your Lie In April and it was simply amazing. Not only was it a great story, but it was inspiring. I made the mistake of watching the final episodes on my subway ride home tonight and had to hold back the tears. Just a beautiful story.

    I don't even know what to watch now...how do you follow that up?

    I dropped that because it was too good and I knew I'd have some kind of emotional break down watching it. Also... I'm a CLANNAD vet. I can spot the event flags.
  11. 789ifyz said:
    I think the first SAO arc was actually pretty decent. Went downhill after that, though. Haven't watched SAO II.

    Agreed, I love the first SAO arc but wasn't keen on the Alfheim stuff. SAOII is the other way around - I'm really not keen on the first arc but then it gets really good again.
  12. Odemdemz said:
    KonoSuba > All. Kazuma best MC ever. Toss up between him and Arata (Trinity Seven) For biggest Lackadaisical Badass. 
    I fully endorse this.

    Megumin is also amazing.

    By the way, I've just been made aware that they're doing an original Sword Art Online movie. Despite its poor arcs, I'm a big SAO fan overall. Consider me excite ^^
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