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  1. Well that just about sums up the problem with the gaming industry at the moment.   *END QUOTE* Time is money though mate, always remember that! Every developer would always love more time to get more things in, but we have to stay realistic otherwise costs start getting out of control. And costs getting out of control is bad for everyone. So better to stay in scope as much as possible; sometimes that means you have to leave a few things out. C'est la vie.
  2. Yeah kerbs count as off-track as they're behind white lines. But the penalty system will not kick in unless you have all four wheels over the line, so you can still use plenty of kerb without worrying. Just maybe not the kerbs + a bit more ;)
  3. Yeeeah, Supercars don't drive like that any more :) Still looks pretty!
  4. After a good race and the new IMS road course two weeks ago, it's almost time for the Indy 500! This is a good chance for all you guys who maybe don't watch all that much oval racing to give it a go, and appreciate the spectacle.
  5. Sometimes you just get a car/track combination that just clicks, you know? I must have driven 200+ laps of that track and I still get excited when it comes up in the rotation.
  6. Sorry to hear about your wife's job troubles. Have fun at the convention! Hope you come back with lots of stories and merch to show off? ;) In anime, I think I'm going to watch Girls und Panzer. People have recommended it, it's on Crunchyroll, there's a World of Tanks mod using its theme. Sounds like a winner. And you know, if high school anime have always been a bit lacking  in one thing, it's tanks.
  7. The hairpin in that screenshot is my favourite corner in the entire game!
  8. Hahaha, I've been saying it for years: that show would have been very different if they decided to become touring car drivers instead of magical girls :D
  9. Even the version I had on VHS as a kid was still just the original 'special editions'. So post Han/Greedo change but pre-ghost-Hayden-Christiansen change. ...there are too many versions!
  10. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, newest special edition versions! So not the original special editions, but the special editions they did after the prequel trilogy. Thus making this the ultimate Star Wars experience.
  11. Ahaha, who can forget? For better or worse XD
  12. Yeah, you get loan versions of all the cars. It's nice to buy your own so you can race with your own livery, but if you want to jump in an race there are no car restrictions, you can pick anything you like from the class you're racing in.
  13. If they made an anime about Super Utes, I would not complain about that. Get on it, Japan!
  14. It's hard to get around to 'finishing' Far Cry 3 when there are so many interesting ways to hunt sharks. My favourite is precision ditching a hang glider with C4 strapped to it.
  15. I use a Samsung Galaxy S4, which is plenty good enough for someone like me who doesn't really use his phone very often. It's great, I upgrade every couple of years without really paying attention to what phones are doing these days and then it all feels like witchcraft. Although it's also kinda creepy that it knows where I live, where I work and will tell me how long it will take to get there every morning based on current traffic.
  16. The grass and gravel will also slow you down to some extent. The grass just a little bit and the gravel traps a heck of a lot, and you are ghosted when the penalty hits in multiplayer to prevent pile ups.
  17. The corner cutting penalty system has been improved since the pre-alpha footage that's out there. It still works in largely the same way but you have to go more clearly off track and gain time for it to trigger. The designers want you to be able to race hard so they've tried to tune it to allow you the margin to do that.
  18. I don't think you need too worry much about the sliding. It just looks good in trailers is all. If you're a quick driver, your corner entry speeds will be a bit less spectacular in regular gameplay :)
  19. It's a fictional car designed to compete in Category A along with the Peugeot. It's not an 'unofficial version' of anything as far as I know, the Peugeot just needed a buddy to race with :)
  20. @MastaVonBlasta Lunch. They definitely have lunch. There was something surreal about queuing behind Matt Neal in the work canteen! :) They spend time talking to various people in the company, it's not all car handling stuff. For example they'll have a chat with the level designers about the circuits, telling them where all the bumps are and things like that. Then they come and sit down with us and we'll put them on a circuit they know with some cars and just let them go at it really. I didn't speak to Andrew Jordan myself but Matt Neal I did. Initial feedback was positive, it definitely se
  21. I can't go into detail about exactly how many cars or which ones we have, although lots more Touring car info will be coming pretty soon, so keep an eye out :)
  22. These are very much race cars, you'll definitely feel a lot more grip and agility than in the road cars. :) It's true that they'll slide around if you go beyond their limit, but doing that will slow you down. As these are front wheel drive cars, a quite common thing that happens is you go into a corner too fast, so you slide wide, so you lift off the throttle to scrub off some speed, but that gives you lift off oversteer so the back comes around and you need to correct! I'm confident that the more you drive them and the more feel you get for how much grip there is to play with, the less slidi
  23. Can't wait till Monaco now. Lewis keeps coming out on top in these fights, but we know how good Nico is around Monte Carlo. Yes, the Mercs are still going to be a second or so ahead of the rest, which is a shame, but hopefully there will be another close fight between the two. Maybe one on old rubber, and one on new softs, a la Senna and Mansell...
  24. Mclaren-Honda won 15 out of 16 races in 1988, but it was still an exciting season thanks to the close fight between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. I won't mind a dominant Mercedes as long as both drivers are competitive and fighting amongst themselves, it's only an issue for me if you have the same driver 20 seconds up the road every race.
  25. */quote* And Coletti being a bit... shall we say... ambitious 3 wide into turn 1.
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