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  1. Anyone watching the GP2 race? Bit of a farcical first lap!
  2. Yo, you can use the clutch as long as you have set the options to allow it. I keep a G27 by my desk so I'll sometimes play through the game with the clutch on, and I have a lot of fun with that.
  3. I don't think it matters who you support or why you started supporting them, as long as you keep supporting them throughout. Even if you did jump on the Man United bandwagon because they were winning everything, as long as you keep supporting them even if they get themselves relegated or something, then how is that any less special than supporting your local team? Supporting someone because they are good, or because you like the way they play, or because you like the colour of their shirts are all just as valid as supporting them because they play in a field near to where you live. Or so I th
  4. 5 posts in and no "The Chain"? Step it up guys :D
  5. I'm playing some iRacing at the moment, it's been a while and I got sick of trying to master the Skip Barber F2000 so I have bought myself the Ruf and Silverstone circuit to go a long with it. It's been over a month probably since I dedicated any time to this but obviously been playing a lot of Autosport in the meantime so I shouldn't be too rusty ;)
  6. I think an a capella "meep meep" through the mic has a more personal, road-runner touch to it. ;)
  7. It's not like we turn slipstream off in other modes, it's just a subtle difference. The open wheel cars are powerful lightweight cars that are very downforce dependent, and that comes with a lot of drag. Take that drag away by finding the slipstream, and the difference is a bit more visible. If you come out onto the back straight of Sepang close to another car, it doesn't matter what that car is, you'll get a nice slipstream out of it. So I don't think you have to worry about that.
  8. Hi mate :) 1. Every designer has their own slightly different routine here. Obviously the first thing you need are numbers - as many as you can get. Sometimes manufacturers provide them for us, sometimes we have to look it all up independently. The big ones are things like weight, power output, 0-60, top speed. I then try to match those numbers as closely as I can with the variables I can play with in our tools. Once you have the numbers down, we research character. If we could go out and drive the 80-odd cars we have, that'd be wonderful, but isn't going to happen. So we rely on reviews and i
  9. Well, I suppose never completely rule out a future in which robots take over all our jobs, but I don't see anything like that coming soon! Car handling is all about feel, and however sophisticated your tools get you're always going to want a human being on the end of it playing the cars and making the tweaks. We also have to make sure the cars are balanced. Getting something that feels right is one thing, getting something that feels right and hits the right lap times is something different. I think a time where that's mostly automatic is a long way off, there are too many factors to consider
  10. Lots of questions to go through! I will probably take up a few posts so bear with me XD. OK, so the A.I. use the same handling we do - the cars don't change with A.I, we have to train them to drive them. Well, I say "we", there are designers who set A.I. times, programmers who work on A.I. behaviour, level designers who teach them racing lines, my team (car handling) doesn't really have anything to do with the A.I. But they use the same car as the player, same top speed, same downforce levels same grip, all that good stuff. I don't think they really worry too much about the player's racing st
  11. @ChokDK - I can only speak about how we do things on GRID, but in this instance yes, the handling rework was done by the same team who did the first version. We have a lead handling designer and a senior who work on the first cars for the game, the 'parent' cars, and find a model that the producers and game designers and everyone else can all get on board with and decide "Yes, this is the way we want to go". The rest of the cars are then split up amongst the whole team and we create the individual cars along those same lines. We review all the cars at multiple points and iterate all the cars
  12. *QUOTE END* In terms of the actual change that was made, it's actually really small. The knock-on effects however had the potential to be pretty extreme. The most important part of any car is the tyre model, as the tyres are your only points of contact with the road. Get the tyres wrong on any given car and you might as well pack up and go home. One of the things we look at on each car is its behaviour at the slip angle - the point at which the tyre is unable to twist any further relative to the direction it is actually travelling, and so starts to slide instead of gripping. Our origina
  13. */quote* It's... er... interesting trying to tackle San Fransisco in them!
  14. The death of Ayrton Senna is my first memory of Formula One. That saddens me.
  15. Yeah when Loore says drifting in Autosport is nothing like drifting in Grid 2, it's really nothing like that. The handling system in G2 was just not built for it. Drifting around a corner at high speed in a race was one thing, maintaining controlled drifts around a circuit was another. We already had the drift cars much improved from that before the Drift All Stars guys came in, and then they worked with us to refine it even further. And Fanatec were kind enough to replace the wheels they broke in the process XD
  16. Anyone getting Child of Light? Reviews are trickling through and... it looks good! Unless you believe Edge. But that seems to be the anomaly, most outlets seem to really like it. I love my RPGs, and while this one looks pretty light and basic it's also shorter and cheaper than most. Definitely going to grab it. Hope it does well, I like what Ubisoft is doing with these interesting projects.
  17. Love these races in Alabama, Montoya reminding everyone of his class in tricky conditions! Edit: aaaaaaaaand he's in the gravel. Never mind. XD
  18. Well bear in mind we were just looking at drift cars there, they're specifically designed to go sideways everywhere. Something like a touring car or an open wheel race car would obviously be very different. But when you're talking about drift cars, the way @Zappac drove in those videos is how they really behave, more or less. And if drifting doesn't appeal to you, that's only one area of the GRID games. In Autosport there are five disciplines, and only one of them features drift events. So if that's not your thing and you want something more about grip driving, you should be covered.
  19. That does surprise me! I guess as long as you get the corner entry right it's mostly about modulating the power; real drift drivers pump the throttle to keep the rear end loose without completely spinning, so I guess you can do the same thing on a keyboard. Consider me impressed at any rate. Edit: 1:00... you missed a drift gate. For shame ;)
  20. Great videos Zappac. I'll show those to the car handling team, they'll love it :) So smooth, no major corrections needed on the steering. Wonderful control. I also like how you just completely ignored the rules of the race to go drifting back up the mountain.
  21. They have been. Both in terms of the way they are detected and the way they're applied. Hopefully it'll be an improvement all around. :)
  22. It's OK, you're suitably encrypted. Even I dunno what the heck you're on about :D
  23. ohhhh lets play guess the bonnet! I feel I have an unfair advantage in that game ^^
  24. Man, good thing I was in bonnet cam when this picture was taken, or that would definitely be clear enough to give away another car! And @PeteTheDuck - that is a magnificent egg. Good work. I was going to make a pun but I hate it when people do that XD
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