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  1. Neither should have an advantage, though we'll have to see how you guys get on with it to know for certain! The physics are the same regardless of whether you use a pad or wheel, there's no special speed boost for one or the other. Give me the same car on a pad and on the wheel and I'll set very similar lap times, so I hope that'll be the same for everyone. I think it's a bit easier to be precise on a good wheel, but that level of precision is still available on a pad if you're careful. Edit: Apologies for the messy post, the quote went weird!
  2. Hi mate. Thanks for the kind words :) I told @Loore to get some sleep the other night. He said he would but I caught him posting about an hour later. He just loves answering those questions!  I'm hoping leagues will get on well with Autosport. We've had lots of close racing internally, and when the rest of the car handling team and I have a race it's generally very tight as we're of pretty similar skill levels. I'd be over the moon to watch some league highlights on YouTube! As for the handling, we've already posted a bunch about what we're going for. I will say that part of what I and
  3. A bit. 4 certainly was as it was pretty much just the obnoxious puzzle castle
  4. Not from start to finish, though I always used one for Ultimecia's castle. The puzzles in that were so obnoxious with random battles going on that I couldn't bear to do it on my own merits
  5. Not quite. I never did all the Card Queen stuff (but I got most of the character cards). I think I got all GFs. Beat Ultima Weapon but not Omega.
  6. VII and IX are both on PSN and I cannot recommend them highly enough :) XII I also think is really good, a bit underrated in fact, and XIII/XIII-2...hmm. Worth playing, but not worth playing multiple times imo, whereas any of the others I could just play on a loop if I didn't have, you know, work and stuff.
  7. I had to vote in order to see the results of the poll, so I went open wheel. No surprise to see Touring so popular. Can't blame you either, touring cars are great.
  8. I've played all of them, completed everything from VII onwards. VII was the first big game I got for my PS1 and pretty much got me into gaming.
  9. Have you played FF8? It's my favourite! I have! Many times in fact. I considered it my favourite for a while as well, although now that honour goes to FFIX. VIII still has the best soundtrack though I reckon.
  10. I have FFX HD on the way! There comes a point every three or four months where I just have to replay one of the old Final Fantasy games and now I have the chance to do it with shiny new graphics. Perfect.
  11. Yeah, the thing with "a penalty system that doesn't miss a trick" is that it's pretty much the Holy Grail of racing games - and just as elusive. It's the nature of the beast I'm afraid, in that any penalty system essentially amounts to detecting contact between two players and then asking the computer to decide who was at fault, or even if it was just a 'racing incident'. There's nothing wrong with a bit of contact here and there - rubbing is racing, after all - but trying to create a system that can differentiate between fair contact and unfair contact and then assign blame accordingly? That
  12. Now, didn't Ryan McKane have a successful older brother whose footsteps he was trying to follow in? No one is more successful than someone racing for Ravenwest...
  13. Mainly a time/resource thing. To prepare a demo takes people away from the main build, but that build has bugs to squish and features to polish. Making sure the final game is as good as it can be will always have to take priority.
  14. But touge would be nice too. Oh well at least Demolition Derby :)))))))))) Made my day. Ty Codies Oh yeah, it would! I adored touge in GRID, unfortunately there are only so many days in the week for us to make stuff, so we can't include all the things. I hope you enjoy the other bits though!
  15. Demo derby yes! Touge no, we're focussing more on circuit racing in this one, so no point to point stuff.
  16. Hey guys. Just thought I'd link you to this interview our Chief Designer James gave to the folks at Videogamer.com as I think he does a good job explaining the reasons behind the platform decision. http://www.videogamer.com/xbox360/grid_autosport/news/grid_autosport_interview_when_we_do_make_a_next-gen_game_it_wont_be_a_current-gen_port.html
  17. Hi guys! Glad to see all the responses around Autosport, it seems to be largely positive. Sorry we can't be on next-gen as well quite yet @Syngamer, though I'm pretty confident you'll be able to run it OK if you can manage F1 2013. It still looks decent on low settings at 30 fps. We're not ignoring the new consoles by any means, but we don't want to rush anything. It's better we put out something really good on technology we know well than something half baked on a new platform. This is a different beast to GRID 2, and hopefully something you will all like!
  18. Lots of websites reporting Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Alright, any official word?  Yes, it is for those three platforms :)
  19. I think that's because attendance wasn't high enough though, initially. So then they just thought better to close them off entirely in future and put ads on than only have ten or twenty people.
  20. Probably not. There is definitely some kinda weird stuff going on with Driveclub, and I worry about it. Hopefully it'll turn out great in the end though.
  21. Around then, to my knowledge!
  22. Anime is also known to be very eccentric, very wild in the imagination, and yes, very sexual at times. But there are different categories which you can look up later ;) Suffice to say, anime =/= cartoons. Describing the premise of Kill la Kill to my non-anime watching friend was one of the most hilarious conversations of recent times.
  23. I between subs and dubs. With work and such, many times I just want to come home and watch TV, so reading subtitles isn't ideal. Thankfully dubbing has improved considerably over the years. Welcome to NHK didn't catch my interest with the first episode. I'll have to revisit that later. There's simply too many anime's I want to check out right now :P And with Anime North next month, that list is going to grow considerably. To make matters worse, we have a subscription to Crunchyroll, I just with the app worked better on the PS3/PS4. Anime North looks fun. The closest I've seen over here
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