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  1. Nice re the autograph, although I am strictly a subs only anime watcher so I don't really know what English Ed sounds like. Personally rate Brotherhood quite a bit higher than the original (although I do enjoy both), so yeah, definitely check it out!
  2. That's on my backlog! I should get on it, I'm in desperate need of a good comedy now since I just watched Kanon (the 2006 version). And man if that doesn't get the ol' tear ducts working... Glad to see I wasn't the only one having a bit of an Easter marathon :) I'm going to throw FMA: Brotherhood out there as a recommendation. I think pretty much everyone has seen it at this point, but it's one of the all time greats so bears mentioning just in case.
  3. Do you mean in terms of multiple teams fighting for victory? Because although Mercedes may have been way out in front in Bahrain I still thought that race was pretty close between its two drivers. Having trouble with quoting I see? As are you it seems! 
  4. What a finish to another great set of races!
  5. So turns out the Chequered flag was shown to Lewis a lap early (lap 55), so the race result has been declared as of lap 54. Here's the regulation in question that explains why: 43.2 - Should for any reason the end-of-race signal be given before the leading car completes the scheduled number of laps, or the prescribed time has been completed, the race will be deemed to have finished when the leading car last crossed the Line before the signal was given.  Good thing nothing of major importance happened on those last two laps!!! A shame for Kobayashi though who loses his
  6. Do you mean in terms of multiple teams fighting for victory? Because although Mercedes may have been way out in front in Bahrain I still thought that race was pretty close between its two drivers.
  7. Not a thrilling race, but an interesting one. Great work from Fernando, it's incredible how he always manages to get up there.
  8. But my complaint was more towards titles like the original GRID or the first two DIRT games, which heavily abused browns, yellows, and oranges in their "color palette", and left users without a choice. The sepia and "old TV" filters for F1 2013's Classic mode races are fine because those were optional, so I would have been fine with that. The heavy abuse of generally "brown" colors in those early Ego engine games and GRID 2 meant that, for example subtle bright warm-palette liveries would be washed over with a yellow shine to them. No way for me to enjoy my cherry blossom pink Aston Martin DBR
  9. @DarkRedslayer - I wouldn't recommend basing too much on VG Charts figures. They tend to be a lot lower than reality, mainly because to my knowledge they don't take digital into account, which is a big and growing area of the market. Personally I'd find it pretty interesting if we ever looked into a full on NASCAR title. Oval racing is not exactly a big thing in Europe but I think it is an under appreciated discipline which is very misunderstood. There's a lot of dismissing it as just 'turning left all the time', but anybody who has driven a real car on the limit or even just tried some sim r
  10. Not until I get my way at any rate. I'm hoping Google glass will eventually be able to apply an anime filter to everything I look at. I can understand why something like a sepia filter is divisive. Personally I can't play F1 2013 classics mode without it, it just feels weird; for some reason I associate that kind of washed out yellow with the '70s. It's nice to be able to turn them on and off when they are there though.
  11. We've got no hesitation in leaving PC behind with anything we do, you're safe on that front. ...That kinda makes it sound like we would leave PC behind! :) To clarify: We won't. PC is very important to us.
  12. Wow. I think that makes it official; there are no more new things to do. From here on out we just go in circles!
  13. That's sensible approach for any product. Scepticism and constructive criticism is good for everyone, fans and developers alike, and if we can win over someone over who has doubts that will mean we've done a genuinely good job. Quality will always speak for itself. I look forward to reading what you think when you see some more concrete details on what we're working on. :)
  14. I've been trying to come up with a cool 'Don't fill up too much on chocolate eggs this weekend because we've got a treat for you!' line, but as you can see they all just sound corny and ridiculous. So I'm just going to bail out of that one right here. Man, those engines sound good though don't they? I mean... if they are engines. Can't tell you for sure yet ;)
  15. This might suggest...  What if they have merged the two series. One big useless World Series of Racing with gymkhana, rally, touring cars, touge, le mans, horseback riding and (god forbid) drift. All vehicles mixed up into one big stinkin stew called GRiT.. The name actually sounds really cool there. I wonder what kind of game would be appropriate to slap that label on. Drag racing on the salt flats maybe? 
  16. Can anyone answer this question, cause I'm not sure if I should start watching it or not. It's mostly wonderful. A couple of dud episodes which are a big deal as each series is three feature-length episodes. But a good show, very clever. Nice twists on some of the classic Holmes stories and characters
  17. What was your favourite bit of GRID 1, Flash? Not in terms of features you'd like to see back, but what part of it did you find most fun? Original GRID was before my start at Codemasters, so I came to know it as a fan long before analysing it as a developer. I used to spend ages driving the Formula Jedis (I think they were 'F1000s' or something) in the lowest tier open wheel events. I know a lot of people say the touring cars were the best things to drive in GRID, but I preferred the grip and balance of the open wheel stuff.
  18. So which game was supposed to have more "simmy" type of handling - G2 or D3? Well on that scale DiRT 3 is certainly closer to the sim side than Grid 2 (unless you had tricksteer on!). If you set up a wheel, turn off the assists and try driving a DiRT 3 car in the same way you would drive a real rally car, you will probably get it down the stage and be pretty quick. None of our games have ever tried to be full on "hardcore simulators" though.
  19. Yeah it was a part of the direction that was being taken with that game. Any car that gets done for any project gets tested extensively to make sure it is good in the context of the game it is in. They take a lot of revisions and reworks as well; there are so many detailed simulations going on with the cars in all our games that tweaking everything to achieve what you're looking for takes a lot of effort and understanding. I think the best way I can explain it is ask you to look at DiRT 3, GRID 2 and F1 2013. Three games with three very different types of handling. But the same skills are nee
  20. Just because the old forums are gone, doesn't mean all your old feedback is! Even if this forum were to vanish tomorrow, people will still have read these threads and seen what you've been asking for. That doesn't just get forgotten about. So there's definitely a point to keep posting in threads like this. :)
  21. I saw the thumbnail and thought "Oh cool, like the visor cams Simon Pagenaud does for IndyCar!" *Reads the title*. "Simon Pagenaud French Rally Visor Cam 2014". ...Man I love Simon Pagenaud. Re the angle itself: pretty cool to watch for the sense of speed, as you say, but I'm not keen on the field of view. Certainly I wouldn't want to drive with an FoV like that. It's just too wide, and while that's handy for peripheral vision it's not great for looking down the road. If this was spread across three monitors though it would maybe be pretty cool if it was a bit lower and further forward. :)
  22. Recently watched Kill la Kill, which I can highly recommend to anybody who doesn't mind being hit over the head by a show that's absolutely insane from the word go. At the moment I have Nagi no Asukara on the go, which is a more serious slice-of-life story about children who live in the sea going to a high school on the surface. I know that doesn't sound like a very serious premise but... it's anime. They can make it work with anything. So I watch a huge amount of anime, but don't really read any manga. Part of it is I don't seem to be able to put aside much reading time for anything, an
  23. It's true the hardware costs are definitely more significant with PC, although as long as you aren't trying to be 'top end' you can get something pretty decent without spending too much more than a console budget.
  24. The way I see it... if you're PC you're always next-gen ;) Will be picking up both new consoles eventually though, unless Final Fantasy XV miraculously makes its way onto PC.
  25. Some real bumper car racing at Long Beach tonight. Four of five cars out in one corner, and Simon Pagenaud got turned around by Will Power - didn't leave many crossing the finish line! Pretty good race though. Mike Conway shows what a class act he is every time he steps into a race car.
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