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  1. I've been watching the livestreams of these and the racing is just wonderful all through the field. There's always some kind of race long duel going on that makes Villeneuve/Arnoux look boring, interesting strategies, rain mixing it up... everything you could want.

    Genuine edge of your seat entertainment; I wish the season was the full 20 races!
  2. I had planned my first post after the community guys let me loose on here to be the creation of an IndyCar thread, but I have been beaten to it! Good work guys. :) Started getting into this series in 2012 and last year was a brilliant season of racing. It's now pretty much my favourite motorsport.

    Looking forward to Long Beach on Sunday as I prefer that circuit to St. Petersburg. My money's on Will Power but the great thing about IndyCar is you get a lot of surprises.
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