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  1. I'm about to watch The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan. I have no idea what to expect. Also enjoying One Punch Man so far, though I'm not all the way through yet. Current status: he's on his way to punch someone once.
  2. Ah, it's about time I gave Haruhi a rewatch (except for the Endless Eight arc of course).
  3. I don't know about Jigoku Shoujo or White Album, but I can 100% recommend Nozaki-kun. It's one of my favourite anime ever of all time. 
  4. Clannad is adapted from the VN. :) So is Steins;Gate, incidentally.
  5. Yeah I love Clannad. Good luck with After Story! It's... great. I mean it. You'll see though. xD
  6. Sounds fun; perhaps I'll check that out sometime. I'm currently on Ore Monogatari which is amazing. Typical romance for the most part - shy girl, dense guy, neither can read the other properly and it all gets very awkward. Except in this one there's a third character whose sole purpose is to point out all this stuff to the main characters, so he just sorts out all the difficult situations in a heartbeat and they can just get on with things. It's fantastic.
  7. How far did you get in? I also struggled a bit for about the first 10 episodes or so. It's quite slow until a certain moment, at which point it completely shifts pace and tone into something much more engaging.
  8. Oh hey, missed *this* comment! I don't think her voice has changed, but I think she's shouting a little bit less this season which might explain the difference ^^ Have you watched Steins;Gate? I just finished it the other day. O.O
  9. I appreciate the sentiment @789ifyz , but please don't imagine for a moment I wasn't aware of Yuru Yuri San Hai! XD ゆるゆり、始まるよ!!
  10. Durarara is on my watchlist. One of the shows I'm most looking forward to... and how far are you on Steins;Gate? What did you think of it? I'd actually forgotten that it was a short series, since when I 'marathoned' it I didn't exactly have much time so I ended up taking a lot longer than the 2-3 days I'd initially planned to finish the show in. I'm only on about episode 6 of Steins;Gate, so it hasn't really kicked off yet and I've yet to figure out why they have that stupid semicolon in the title XD But I'm enjoying it well enough. Have you seen Baccano? That was the thing the Durarara f
  11. I really need to watch Durarara x2 at some point. I saw the original series when it aired and it was very good, but for some reason I haven't watched the second. First of all I'm currently finishing off Gate and Stein's;Gate. My friends'll get mad at me if I don't finish Stein's;Gate in particular because they've both played the Visual Novel and can't discuss spoilers while I'm around ^^
  12. I really have enjoyed Gakkou Gurashi! this summer, and I think everyone's excited for One Punch Man this fall....  I'm really not sure if I want to watch that one! I like cute comedy things and hate horror. I've heard it's both and it makes me uneasy! So I've been watching stuff like... Working!!!, Himouto Umaru-Chan, GATE and so on. Oh, and Shokugeki no Soma continues to be brilliant as well ^_^
  13. Can't believe Trulli didn't get any penalties in the race for the way he drove. He was driving a completely different circuit to everyone else.
  14. Pretty sure she's just a Princess... ;) You're doing all right. I didn't play it too much, I got her killed by a snake and killed by poison and then I kinda moved on to other things!
  15. Was Super Monaco GP the one where you got to play as ZEROFORCE? 
  16. Lol :P  Well, I'll be here waiting on wheel and coop info regardless of what we are discussing.  OK so, you will be astonished to discover that I can't give you a supported wheel list! Basically there are one or two devices that have little bugs that are being worked on, and until they're fixed there's a small chance those devices won't make it on the list. So rather than risk releasing one list then having to remove a device from it, we're just waiting until everything on there is definitely good to go.  Personally I think your devices will probably be fine. But that's
  17. Ah, if only we'd make an anime version of DiRT Rally then! Initial D on gravel. I'm watching some Barakamon at the moment. Absolutely great comedy.
  18. Binge play some anime games, two birds with one stone! ^^
  19. I don't think I can talk about multiplayer stuff yet, you'll have to bear with me on that side of things for now. I'll have a look into wheels when everyone's back in on Monday. Dave (one of our handling guys) has been busy setting up action maps on various controllers for a little while now, but I don't know what the full list is. Bear in mind as with all things there may be stuff that prevents me from just posting a 'supported peripherals list' but if that happens I'll try and let you know at least. If you must talk about something non-F1, talk about Stock Car Extreme for a bit. Might be a
  20. Good to hear that. Gameplay videos?, oh sorry I interrupted.... Ah, I'd love to say 'soon,' but I'm actually gonna say don't expect one for a week or so. There are some things holding up the planned videos. Not entirely sure on the specifics, although it is our side, this isn't FOM approvals or anything. Sorry about that, I know you all want to see the game in motion. But I figure it's better than just leaving you completely in the dark. Still, at least you won't have too long to wait before playing it for yourselves this year... :)
  21. The physics in '15 are muchos better than in previous years. Way more feeling through the tyres, way better on both pad and wheel, much more subtle throttle response. OK, it's still not 'hardcore sim' but let me put it this way: the physics/handling we have this year are the biggest step away from 'arcade' we've taken since getting the license in 2010 in my opinion.
  22. Still a thing. :) Does this include both online and offline? Or just online? Both! As @giommino mentions, I don't think there's replays in the multiplayer races, but if you're in Practice/Qualifying you can sit in your garage and watch a live feed of the other players, or AI if you're in single player.
  23. Anyone else see tonight's IndyCar race at Barber? Brilliant drive from Rahal, you're not supposed to be able to overtake at that circuit ^_^
  24. Yes you have to be careful about how you apply your throttle. Not enough revs and you'll bog down, too many and you'll spin the rear tyres. So you'll need to find a sweet spot and then feed in more throttle as you get moving. The engine is more sensitive to overheating as well now which will compromise your performance if you sit on the limiter for too long.
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