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  1. I definitely have lots of fun memories of 2010, same as many of you. There was one race in our league, and it should have been my first ever win. I wasn't the fastest driver, but I was pretty quick this time out and the guys ahead got into some sort of drama. So there I am, final lap of the Bahrain GP (remember the 2010 layout of that circuit...?) 20 seconds ahead of the pack. ...Of course I'd forgotten to turn my fuel down. Ended up running out with three corners to go! ^_^ Do you guys have any stand out memories like that from your favourites?
  2. Yeah, he and Brundle went straight to F1 from British F3. Although not sure if it's really a fair comparison as feeder series were very different back in those days.
  3. Also, among others, some chap called 'Ayrton Senna'. 
  4. It's funny the different reactions you get to these concepts depending on where you go. On the idea of an 'orange' McLaren, Reddit seems to love it, Facebook seems to hate it! Personally, I'd rather orange on the McLaren than chrome again. Actually, I've had enough silvery-grey McLarens to last a lifetime, so anything with colour on it will do just nicely. Even if they paint it pink and purple like the BT60 from '92.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm one of the designers on the F1 team - some of you may know me from other parts of the forum or my work on GRID: Autosport - and I thought I'd poke my head in and say hello. I often come and read the threads in my lunch breaks or after work, and although it's generally tricky to respond to stuff (I can't go around promising features or anything!), I do like to keep on top of the kind of things you all are talking about. Before I started working at Codemasters I was competing in an F1 2010 racing league, so I know what it feels like from your side of the fence! :) A lot of dis
  6. I think the gap between Mercedes and their rivals will be a bit smaller, but they will still dominate. They have too much of a head start, a good team with lots of resources, and will probably be more reliable this year as well. I'd love to see Williams get a race win or two.
  7. As long as they pass before the first test, failing a crash test shouldn't be too much of an issue. I imagine it gets them a lot of useful data actually. The biggest question mark is going to be that Honda engine. On the one hand, they haven't homologated yet and they've been able to watch the others for a season while they work on it.  On the other hand everyone else has a season's worth of running under their belts. My money would be on something fast but unreliable. Maybe a bit of a repeat of the MP4-17.
  8. There we go ^_^ And yeah, its 'target audience' is probably supposed to be women, but don't ever let anyone tell you that X is 'for boys' or 'for girls'. Everything's for everyone! As for the emotional stuff, I kinda get what you mean. They can go a bit over the top sometimes, although I think if it's a genuinely sad moment I'm too busy weeping myself to notice if any of the characters are doing it!
  9. Nice! I'm also re-watching it at the moment as I needed something to cheer me up. By ep 4 you'll have met most of the characters. They're all very strange. As for the other thing... do you have any specific examples? I don't want to draw any premature conclusions until I know what you're laughing at XD
  10. I love these series and watch every race that I can. Very annoyed that they're going to have DRS from next year though, it really doesn't need it. I don't see how it's going to make it 'more relevant' to F1 either; it's not like DRS is a difficult system that they need a ton of experience with. You press a button, you go faster down the straight. Easy. In F1, DRS exists as a solution to the problem of trying to follow closely in very downforce reliant cars. In GP2, the cars are slower and they have less downforce, so that problem isn't significant enough to damage the racing. I worry that jus
  11. If it were called 'Sports Achiever Of The Year' I'd agree. But if it's about 'personality' then I don't think any of this really applies. It's all done via public vote though isn't it? I guess the two are hard to distinguish when it's all just a simple popularity contest. In that context it's heartening to see how many people will still vote for F1 drivers!
  12. I wonder why we can't have the same kind of technology with engines that would still make "dat noise". Why not chuck twin turbos on a V12? That would be something to see!
  13. I actually quite like the sausage kerbs. or at least very high ones. Not everywhere, but in certain places. They made the last chicane in Montreal a real challenge, it was thrilling to get through there even just in time trial on the game. Now they're just a little more friendly... Although maybe that's a one off. On the Formula E circuit they were probably somewhat unnecessary!
  14. Yes, or it's just another bug!! Like the split times in qualifying aren't accurate either.... if you add up the 3 sector times of the AI in the timing screen you will see the 3 sectors never equal their lap time.... It's always been like that...... The lap times are invented, not actually created! :smiley:  Ah, the timing screen doesn't show the sector times of your best lap though. They show the most recent sector time, which will be a different colour if it happens to be your best. :) You can find the sector times for each lap in the Race Director. Those ones should add up to the o
  15. @Britpoint I've heard great things about Fate series. That's the next series I'm watching. Right now, I've restarted FMA:B, and this time I'm finishing it. What order were they produced in again? Is it Fate/Stay Night, Fate Zero and then Unlimited Blade Works, or is Fate Zero the original and Night the prequal? So there was: Fate/Stay Night. Produced by Studio Deen in 2006 and adapted the first route of the visual novel the series is based on. I quite liked it, but it was far from perfect and felt a bit low budget at times. I don't think you need to bother with it.Fate/Zero. This is the
  16. I guess I might check out OreGairu. Especially as it's got a second season as a) things that earn a second season are often pretty good and b) if it is good there's more of it to look forward to. Yuyushiki not getting a second run remains a great tragedy. Recently finished the first season of Hitsugi no Chaika (or 'Chaika the Coffin Princess' if you prefer). I wasn't expecting much but it surprised me with fun characters, interesting antagonists and some good action. Second season of that is currently airing. Top action anime at the moment has to go to Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works. I
  17. My anime buddy at work insisted I try Steins;Gate, she was pretty distraught when I revealed I hadn't watched it. What's it actually about? Never really looked into it much. I think mainly I'm just resisting it because that's a stupid place to put a semicolon.
  18. Yeah the novelty factor had worn off quite a lot. And the early start time, as you say. And it's being somewhat overshadowed this weekend by another motorsport event... A perfect storm really. I'm grateful the wait to the next race isn't so long.
  19. Not exactly much to go on at the moment! I dunno, I never really got into DBZ. Maybe I was just too young when I watched it.
  20. Another really good race. They have no right having such close races around these really tight street circuits, but so far so good! I like that they dropped the formation lap as well. It was a bit of a joke in the first race and it meant they all had a bit more energy to use this time.
  21. Selfishly, I'm quite glad RBR are at the back of the grid. Regardless of what else happens tomorrow, watching Daniel Ricciardo drive through the pack should be a treat!
  22. I've read prose like that before when someone wants to make themselves sound sophisticated so they right click -> 'Synonyms' on every word.
  23. The plank should have got more than 8 months for this. Sniff Petrol had a good response to this. In other news, the imaginatively nicknamed "Mr. Le Mans" (9 times winner of some obscure French motor race) Tom Kristensen is retiring at the end of this year. He will be missed, I am a big admirer of what he's accomplished.
  24. Audi rumours pop up about once a month, I imagine at this point they have a full time PR guy dedicated entirely to denying them! I would quite like to see Audi in F1 - I'm a fan of theirs in the WEC - but I don't believe it'll happen particularly soon.
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