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  1. Honestly, with the idea that Formula E is going to move away from a one make series in a couple of seasons time (next year, maybe?), and because it is cheap, accessible and relevant, I could well see it replacing F1 as the pinnacle of motosport because F1 (and some of the fans) wants to go back to using irrelevant & outdated tech, and are pricing themselves out of the sport in a push to win so they make a profit. Legitimately, FE is the next big thing...
    Maybe, but it's not going to be the next big thing for a good twenty years or so. The technology is impressive but the cars aren't even at GP3 levels of performance yet - even in a best case scenario for the electric series, F1 isn't going to have to look over its shoulder at FE for a long long time.
  2. Nico beating Lewis in Brazil was probably the best thing for the championship, because it makes a result only won by double points much less likely. Let's face it, the most likely outcome for not getting a Mercedes 1-2 is if one of them retires. The chances of Nico winning and Lewis finishing 3rd or lower are pretty slim.
  3. I expect any team with a 3rd car would be at a massive development advantage. Think of all that extra data. Think of all those risky experimental parts you could run not having to worry about losing constructors points if it explodes.

    Then on top of that, you have an extra car running around the track that you can use to mess up all your rival's strategies? I can see why the big teams like this idea, especially if they aren't going to cost much extra.
  4. There are two things the VSC gets you over a Safety Car:

    1) Safety Car 'Delta' times are faster than the Safety Car can drive. This is why pack always catches the Safety Car, even when they're not doing racing speeds. Because cars won't be catching an SLS and slowing down even more under a VSC, they will maintain their gaps to each other. So the VSC only neutralises the race, where a full Safety Car bunches the pack together.

    2) Time. It takes time to deploy the Safety Car, pick up the leader, bunch up the pack, let lapped cars unlap themselves, and then bring the Safety Car in. By taking the SLS out of the equation, you can save *multiple* laps and have significantly more green flag racing. 
  5. Good news for those of us in the UK re FR - it's back in Britain for 2015! Hopefully that'll mean a free weekend of racing again around August/September time. I went to the last two World Series meetings before they ditched the UK, and it was great stuff.
  6. I'm pretty sure it's been around for a little while. Certainly there are lots of pics on my Facebook of my friends going to cool conventions I didn't know were on! ^_^

    You know Manga is a really big deal for a lot of people but I've never read one all the way through. I've started some but get bored. Anyone got some good suggestions for some light reading on a commute to get into it?
  7. I too think slow zones are generally a good idea. They're not for all situations, and drivers also simply need to remember to respect the flags properly, but slow zones are also extremely sensible, especially when there are workers on the outside of fast corners. They're fair, safe, effective and easy to enforce. They would be a welcome tool in any Race Control room.
  8. Former F1 doc Gary Hartstein made a good point in one of his blogs: double-waved yellows were being shown in the danger zone. They mean "slow down and be prepared to stop". If Jules was going fast enough to aquaplane, he wasn't obeying that.

    This is not a criticism of him in particular - none of the drivers slow down enough for double yellows, because if you're the only one who obeys them properly there's a huge disadvantage when nobody else does. As Hartstein says: human beings are on track and at risk in double yellow zones. Before we start looking at knee jerk safety reforms, get the drivers respecting the safety systems that already exist. Get them obeying the 'spirit' of the law ("how slow must I go to keep everyone safe?") rather than the letter ("how many tenths must I slow by to avoid punishment?").
  9. Britpoint said:
    SynGamer said:

    In case anyone was wondering about the heli situation. If the weather was in fact inhibiting it, they shouldn't have started the race.
    It could be that the weather wasn't inhibiting it as they started the race, but when that new front rolled in the situation changed
    Possible... But once the situation changed and heli couldn't fly anymore shouldn't they red flag the race until it can? 
    Yes, although it's quite possible those two points overlapped anyway. Cars were only just starting to go onto full wets when the incident happened, and then there was a significant time getting Jules to the medical centre before the helicopter was called upon. It's entirely possible that for the duration of the live race, it would have been able to fly.

    Purely speculative of course. I certainly agree that if at any point during the race the director gets a call saying the helicopter is grounded, the race should be neutralised.
  10. SynGamer said:

    In case anyone was wondering about the heli situation. If the weather was in fact inhibiting it, they shouldn't have started the race.
    It could be that the weather wasn't inhibiting it as they started the race, but when that new front rolled in the situation changed
  11. That last twitter quote actually makes me take the report less seriously. It feels like all the "insiders" on NeoGaf who say things like "Oh EA are making FIFA a WiiU exclusive, you can ban me if I'm wrong!"

    If you're willing to put your credibility on the line over a transfer gossip rumour then I have to worry if you value your credibility enough to begin with!
  12. The biggest problem I saw and predict will continue to be annoying are the tracks. This track didn't really lend itself to real racing. I think more could be done in track design in cities to make it more exciting. While I agree the cars aren't ready for full circuits, but what about shorter layouts at well known tracks? Would at least be a change from street races.
    Capability of the cars is only half of it. The other reason they don't want to run on circuits is they tend to be out of the way. If you race in a city centre, you can get interest from people who are in or around the city centre anyway as part of their normal lives. If you put it out on a track that people have to drive to, you're only going to attract people who are interested anyway.

    Given that FE doesn't currently run support races, I don't think it would be an attractive event to go to a circuit for right now.
  13. fIsince08 said:

    I'd like the cars to be a bit faster, the music during the race is a definite NO from me and fan boost is stupid. Apart from these things, the only other thing I'd change is to have some races on normal circuits rather than all street tracks.

    EDIT: And one last thing, the formation lap really needs to be sped up!
    You're certainly right about the formation lap!

    Normal circuits should definitely wait a while. The cars are too slow to be exciting on them, whereas 80mph can look pretty quick inches away from a barrier. I'd like a couple of seasons on street circuits only first; let the series get a following, let the cars develop a bit, and then start phasing in some road courses.

    I reckon the music during the race could be OK but their choice of it wasn't great. The trouble with playing music is you'll never satisfy everyone's tastes. I did like it during the lights sequence - it was a good substitute for the crescendo of revs we usually hear.
  14. A promising first race! Glad to see a good number of cars make it to the finish and some close racing throughout. I liked how close the cars could run, I liked the ebb and flow caused by the differences in the way they used their energy, the pit stops worked OK and the cars looked like they were going at a decent pace.

    The lack of noise is a small issue - it just lacks a bit of theatre caused by the roar of an engine. Also the track layout wasn't good - I'm surprised they could overtake as well as they did to be honest. The chicanes aren't the best but the tight 90 degree lefts are worse. FanBoost is pointless, lets replace it with P2P.

    It's going to be fascinating to see how this evolves over the course of a season.
  15. Lap 20 and nobody's spoken of FanBoost. It's just too limited and not enough of an advantage to make any kind of difference in the race. They'd be better off replacing it with a few Push to Passes for everyone.

    There's been some surprisingly good racing considering the tough circuit layout. Franck Montagny really impressing.
  16. 789ifyz said:
    Yuru Yuri is a pretty nice show for relaxing and some laughs. there are 2 12 episode seasons.
    I love that show. In a similar vein:
    • Yuyushiki
    • Kiniro Mosaic
    I've not seen Zankyou no Terror although have heard OK things about it, I may check it out once it's all aired. Another that I can recommend from this season is Aldnoah Zero
  17. New recommendation! Sabagebu. Or, "Survival Games Club". It's a comedy about a bunch of students in an airsoft club, basically. The main girl is a bit of a sadist; something different from your usual comedy protagonist and is a lot of fun. ^_^

    Some good action scenes as well as it shows how the characters imagine their fights would look if they were real. So there's blood and things explode... but everyone's fine afterwards.
  18. SynGamer said:
    Jiggy said:
    The car swap-thing is because the battery isn't advanced enough to last through an entire race. This should be different in 2015-16.
    Really hoping so. I mean, we're talking 30 seconds to swap cars, max (probably), but it just doesn't see right for racing...
    I don't see it as too different from a driver change in WEC. Although I do still hope it gets replaced by something better, be it better batteries, wireless recharging or battery swaps (perhaps using something similar to the tech Tesla have developed).
  19. I am a little bit worried about the speed in Formula E. According to Autosport magazine they were doing about 105mph down the main straight at Donnington with race power. A Formula Ford would have 20mph or so on that,

    Hopefully it won't be a big deal and it will improve as the series evolves. But in the meantime... I just hope the circuits are built with that in mind so you don't notice that lack of performance too much. I don't want the series to be instantly dismissed in its first year because they can't take on GP3 cars.
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