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  1. Lottery tickets are £2 ;) ...Can you tell I don't play the lottery? ;)
  2. I get that. My point is more that although it's a ridiculous idea, the advantage gained should be so small that it's also not a big deal. It's like... buying a lottery ticket every week is a ridiculous waste of money considering the utterly minuscule odds of ever winning it, but it's only a quid a week so you're probably not going to miss it.
  3. While the fanboost is one of the least 'fair' artificial race gimmicks I've ever seen, it's also likely to be one of the least influential. 5 seconds of extra power during the race? That's nothing. In F1 you get DRS once, maybe twice per lap if you're close to another car.Many series have mandatory pit stops with gimmicky tyre regulations.IndyCars get 10 push to passes each raceBTCC uses success ballast.All of these are artificial gimmicks with a much more significant effect on the race than a single 5 second power burst, and many of them are highly successful in improving the racing. Aga
  4. I'm very excited about Formula E. Electric cars need to be more publicly accepted and they need better technology; motorsport is the perfect place for this. It has a strong team and driver lineup (not everyone needs to be an F1 world champion to be a good racing driver) and they're starting with a sensible spec series at first before opening up the rules to constructors in following seasons. This is a series that isn't trying to run before it can walk, is very smartly running in city centres instead of on circuits in the middle of nowhere (one of the things that killed off A1GP) and looks li
  5. I recommend eating some cheese before bed. You'll have such weird nightmares you won't have time to dream about DiRT. ;)
  6. There are many thousands of issues over the course of any game's development that are thoroughly reported and fixed. Posting the list of stuff that was reported and fixed would be impractical as it would be a hundred or so times the length of the patch notes.
  7. I'm trying to figure out what kind of medium is in those boxes on the TV. They're too thin to be VHS... is that a DVD player on the bottom of the TV? But then why have the VHS!? I imagine all rally drivers have to worry about such things.
  8. Yes mate, do such things as these. IMO Brotherhood is significantly better! ^_^
  9. I'm looking forward to this series a lot. Electric cars really need a motorsport series that people can be interested in and can serve as a test bed for new technology. The lineup of teams and drivers is really good. I'll be going to the London ePrix next year. ...although I wish they weren't calling them 'ePrix'.
  10. Well I can't be 100% certain, but they're both pretty steep inclines aren't they? My suspicion is that gravity is moving the weight more over the rear wheels resulting in a loss of front grip. Not the nicest handling trait in the world when you get it for sure, but don't think it's something we'd want to 'fix'. :)
  11. I've been watching Battlestar Galactica recently which has reduced my anime watching, but now I'm done with that so it's time to catch up on all the stuff I missed last season! Also things that I'm watching as they come: SAO II and Sailor Moon Crystal. Sword Art Online is just great, and I never saw the original Sailor Moon so this is sort of a history lesson for me.
  12. I remember one of the other designers emailing the art team about this because we refused to believe that the real car would have that bar there. Half a morning of incredulous onboard watching later, we were forced to accept it! Great car though. We just...tend to play that one from bonnet cam!
  13. This is how BaronVonBlasta (as I think he should be going with until the forum gives him his name back) spends his holidays. Just endless whiteboard theories and metres of red string connected to newspaper cuttings of rally cars.
  14. Also manual gears are pretty helpful if you can run with them. The auto-gearbox won't change quickly while you have wheelspin so it's easy to find yourself bouncing off the limiter for a bit. With manual though you can shift as soon as you get into the red and it helps with traction on the second stage of the start.
  15. ENDQUOTE Yeah, your challenge is to reach a number we didn't prepare for and break the interface. Good luck ;) Maybe you should put that on the list for future updates? Make sure we can reach season 9001, and give us an achievement called: 'it's over 9000!'?  Or am I overestimating the amount of spare time you have? I doubt QA would be happy about checking that one without developer tools...
  16. ENDQUOTE Yeah, your challenge is to reach a number we didn't prepare for and break the interface. Good luck ;)
  17. Turn enable centering spring off. Well, unless you like the feel of it of course. But all it is is a spring that attempts to push the wheel back to centre. It is not a force feedback effect dictated by the software and is designed to give you a sense of resistance when you are playing a game without force feedback.
  18. Yeah, imported the US version back in 2007 I think! Great game.
  19. Oh hey I recognize that WTCC Chevrolet Cruze. I'm trying out one of their sponsors (Steel Seal) on my dodgy head gasket tonight. If no car handling gets designed tomorrow it'll be because it didn't work and my engine exploded.
  20. You said earlier in the thread you were using a DFGT on PC didn't you? In that case have a look at your Logitech profiler settings. If you go to Global Device Settings (or profile specific settings if you have set up a separate Autosport profile) you can push the Overall Effects Strength up past 100%. Give that a go and see if it helps. You can also try reducing it which seems counter intuitive but could help if you are suffering from 'clipping' (where the wheel receives a signal too strong for it to handle). In the Logitech Profiler our FFB was set up with the following settings in mind: Ove
  21. I'm not going to go into this too much as I can't change how the FFB in GRID: Autosport feels to you - if you don't like it then you don't like it. It's a fair criticism and we'll take your feelings on it on board in the future. However, the accusation that the Force Feedback has been stripped out since GRID 2 is simply inaccurate. The system that was in GRID 2 is also there in Autosport. Some tweaks have been made to make it suit the new handling (how successful or otherwise those tweaks were is of course up to you to decide), but it is still there. I'm not sure what rotation your wheel is s
  22. Hi Jimstick. We did look at this during development but for various reasons in the end it wasn't practical. It was a situation where we had to choose between trying to do the road configuration or doing a completely new car, so the new car got the nod. Well spotted though and glad you are enjoying the game! :)
  23. I had a video of someone playing 'Enter the Matrix' on when I loaded up those pieces from original GRID. It fits so well.
  24. Check out this post from another thread, this sounds like the same thing. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/21451/#Comment_21451
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