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  1. I just did the RaceNet challenge with Spa GP Reverse. Just when you thought Eau Rouge couldn't be more scary...
  2. If you have a keyboard plugged in along with your wheel, the keyboard should still function for all the GUI stuff. So ESC to pause/go back, ENTER to select, arrow keys for navigation, F1/F2 correspond to what would be the 'X' and 'Y' buttons on a 360 controller. Definitely hear what you're saying, that you'd like to be able to see these and remap them on keyboard while your wheels are plugged in. But hopefully if you're struggling with functionality that will help you out a bit! :)
  3. That annoying moment when you just want to use your keyboard normally... :D
  4. As even I have to wait until Friday for my copy of GRID: Autosport, I picked up MotoGP '14. It has some pretty serious issues on PC (you can't quit the game for example and have to kill it in task manager), but the racing is a lot of fun. Running a career on the second hardest difficulty, 50% race distance, and every race features some good battles. It's rough around the edges, but as someone who has never played a MotoGP game before I'm loving it.
  5. @DarkRedSlayer - What platform and wheel are you on mate? The clutch should only require being down about 50% to count as 'depressed'. 
  6. It's an evolution of the equally well known Presteza-13, I think ;)
  7. This is a pretty good state of affairs I think as you won't be able to buy new stuff or receive updates, so its purely for legacy support. Good for all the games that require the service and aren't being moved onto something else like Steamworks.
  8. Complaints are fine as long as they're civil. Life would be boring if it just consisted of everyone telling me how great I was all the time. ^_^
  9. Lewis's bad luck really hurting him now! So having won one more race than Rosberg, he's slightly more than a race win behind. Good drive from both today, would have been nice if the Williams had been able to stay up front a while longer.
  10. @PeteTheDuck is spot on, I don't see why double file restarts aren't the obvious choice. Worked brilliantly for IndyCar before they sort of overreacted to accidents on the tight street courses and got rid of them everywhere except ovals. If the issue they are trying to solve is that the leader gets away too far because they are allowed to control the pace and decide when to accelerate, then don't let them do that. Two by two, everyone stays at a steady pace until GREEN. Then keep the single file system for the highly dangerous tracks like Monaco.
  11. ^ On the street courses pretty much everything is fair game. Ride those kerbs to your heart's content! :)
  12. OK, so a couple of things here. Firstly, aren't we going to see a lot more stalled, overheated and crashed cars off the standing starts, and therefore more Safety Cars? The start is the most accident prone part of any Grand Prix. Secondly, isn't the whole point of the Safety Car that the cars don't stop? If you're going to have a standing start off the grid then why not red flag the race? All this does is turn the Safety Car into a red flag where the cars circle around pointlessly and waste laps instead of just stopping on the grid.
  13. Another thing about the penalties - if you're judged to have gained half a second, you'll only get a penalty worth half a second. It no longer multiplies the time gained as it did in the earlier preview builds. So minor infractions caused by being shoved off track will only earn minor penalties.
  14. Yup thats it's name. Haha, I may have to go there one day just so I can tell people I've been to Hell and back :p Maybe I'll go too. I'll see you in Hell!
  15. Loved this race. Saw about 16 hours live overall, resisted the urge to stay awake for the whole thing. Pleased for Audi, can't wait until Nissan join the fray next year.
  16. They're going to need a faster car for next year though, the Toyota was wiping the floor with them in terms of outright pace. Still, incredible work and reliability - though it's not over yet! Great race at the front of LMP2.
  17. He'll have to stop again though.. Such a pace advantage over the Porsche though, they'll be a pit stop in hand before too long
  18. I'm surprised Porsche didn't change tyres last time they were in, I think that rubber's pretty old now.
  19. Wow that #2 Audi is quick! If it's 4 seconds each lap the Porsche must be nursing some kind of problem.
  20. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD coming to PS4 and XB1!  Now I finally have a reason to get a next-gen console! Probably PS4 - it's tradition that I play all my console RPGs on Playstation if possible.
  21. Aaah about time! I've been waiting for GTA V for ages but wanted it on my PC.
  22. Yeah, show some photographic evidence! I haven't seen him here all day :-\" Come on guys, you know community managers don't appear in photographs or reflections. Or...wait...is that vampires? I forget.
  23. Hate to destroy your dreams chaps but @justbiglee is in the studio today. :)
  24. Have you played Broken Age? In the new era of kickstarter you're also going to have to sit through the names of 90,000 backers! :D
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