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  1. I may have missed this somewhere, but did this stream ever happen? Really want to see the lobby stuff in action ya know? It has not happened yet. I think it's on hold for a bit as @Loore is off rubbing elbows with the greats at E3. :)
  2. Wow! Always count on Canada for creating some thrilling races. Not as exciting as Bahrain in terms of wheel to wheel action, but so much tension and uncertainty - five cars with a real chance of victory in the last two or three laps. Fantastic.
  3. I am so into my space games at the moment, waiting for stuff like Elite Dangerous to come out. In the mean time, dusting off Starlancer, Freelancer and Hardwar. In terms of RPGs I am playing Tales of Symphonia HD at the moment It's aged pretty poorly I must say, but pretty fun.
  4. Ah well, comments will be comments! I find it interesting to go through and see what kind of opinions people are forming from the footage that's out there though. 
  5. Yeah I managed to see some of the X-Games coverage. Not the best races really but I guess they can't all be winners. Was nice to see all the names I recognised from DiRT 2 racing each other though!
  6. If you've played rFactor then you have some idea of what to expect from iRacing - it's a real sim and it's very difficult to be quick. All the races in iRacing are against other people, and driving standards are very high, so it demands quite a bit of practise and commitment. It can also get pretty expensive. There's a subscription to the service which comes with a few cars and tracks as standard, but you will need to buy more cars and tracks as you go up through the ranks. If you want competitive racing against other people, definitely look into it (search for Empty Box on Youtube to see a l
  7. All the crews gathered around to toast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. A long time ago... on a special stage just like this one...
  8. Is no Zonda R in Autosport sorry. well, there is. in the street discipline, at the hypercar. it was even on the anouncement pic! That is the Revolucion. Very similar to the R in many respects but road legal. The R is purely a track car. :)
  9. @Loggy: there are two chase cams though. One is slightly further back and higher up.
  10. CSR and CSR Elite are both fine for Autosport on Xbox 360 :)
  11. *END QUOTE* Well, also sometimes it's faster to be just over the limit of grip than under it, and with TC you'll always be under it! Sometimes you want just that little bit of wheelspin if you haven't quite perfected your line. TC has the advantage of making you faster than someone who spins coming out of a corner, so that's the trade off :)
  12. It's proper TC for sure and does exactly what you'd expect.
  13. Is that you taking the Jupiter around Spa? That must have felt like a loooong lap XD
  14. Yes if you have flashbacks left, but you still lose time by using one as it resets you onto a part of the track you've already driven. Also if your tyres are worn, you are going to be slower in every corner compared to someone who has kept them in better condition as you simply have less grip. So flashbacks don't negate the need to use your tyres carefully.
  15. Yeah! I do it on iRacing all the time when I'm too late in the corner and either the track is bumpy (a-la Monaco!) or my brake bias is too far back. Hit the pedal and the rear goes light and starts to wobble. Can't comment on the reversing, obviously we don't know all the facts about that, when did he reverse? Was he told the track was clear? Certainly a few question marks. The initial accident though definitely just looked like some unstable braking to me.
  16. Most likely because he was already braking too hard and losing control. If you're too hard on the brakes especially if you're trying to turn at the same time the rear can go light and start to come around on you. I don't believe that was anything more sinister than a steering correction. If he did anything wrong it might have been prematurely reversing onto the race track, but we'll have to wait and see what the stewards think on that one.
  17. Remember that Flashbacks are not the only thing that determines how a race will play out online. GRID 2 had a very different handling model, different reactions to collisions, split routes on the city circuits, a more severe off-track penalty system. All of these things and more made GRID 2's online what it was - things that are different in Autosport. You may well find that because of the changes between the games, the inclusion of flashbacks doesn't have the same detrimental effect that you found in GRID 2. And as ever, once the game is out and people are actually playing with the new syste
  18. Hmm, sorry I can't remember the conditions for that! We'll have to ask @Loore that one
  19. We have a few layouts, pretty sure that is one of them.
  20. Yup. Circuit of the Americas is in :)
  21. Enjoying Wolfenstein quite a bit. Definitely one of the better FPS to come out in recent years. Still got the corridor sections and big set pieces, but also levels with more freedom that allow you to play it your way. Makes the set piece stuff more interesting when it isn't happening all the time.
  22. It'll become solid once the penalty is over and no other cars are clipping into it at the time. Bear in mind although the car is ghosted, it is still visible, so drivers following behind will be able to take appropriate avoiding action. If they choose not to take that action and try and drive through the ghost, which happens to stop ghosting at the wrong moment... well, they've literally attempted to drive through another car, that's not a good idea! :) We ghost cars during a penalty so that cars very close behind that have no chance to get out of the way don't get into a crash. It doesn't re
  23. Easy to drift, yes. Easy to drift really well? No. These things (and I mean the real life cars as well here) are specifically set up to drift. :) They'll throw themselves sideways with very little provocation. The challenge doesn't come from going sideways, it comes from going sideways at high speed within an inch of the marker. It comes from direction changes and keeping it smooth through the very slow and tight corners. The precision involved is where the difficulty lies, rather than the sliding itself. And hey, if you want an ultra-realistic challenge, just set up a wheel to 900 degrees. W
  24. This. If you want to go sideways on four wheels, buy a shopping trolley. You know I've never seen anywhere with shopping trollies for sale. I hypothesise that nobody sells them, all the supermarkets just steal them from other supermarkets.
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