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  1. Might add I have UAC set to the default setting, not sure if that matters but figured it might.
  2. Correct on the User Account Control, sorry that doesn't help you. I was able to start the game also, navigate all menus, sometimes I would get to the track or just before the engineer window game would go black with sound still running. As soon as I turned UAC on game ran as expected. No idea why its needed.
  3. Have you got UAC turned off by chance, I spent an entire day trying to get F1 2014 to run on my pc and found a thread on the Steam forums with this possible solution. It worked for me, turn UAC on.
  4. I'm confused, you experienced lag in an online game and ignore the suggestion to try connecting with just friends in the UK to see if the lag persists. Why? I'm not defending this title at all, infact I decided not to waste my money this year, 1st F1 game since the PS1 I've not bought. I just think its rather silly to not expect lag connecting to a country half way around the planet.
  5. Race afew m8's in the UK and see if the lag is just as bad. That might determine if its the game and not actually the distance between the two of yous.
  6. What is the posted speed limit on an F1 track?? ;)
  7. I just cancelled my preorder. Maybe if they will put more thought into the 2015 title, I might decide to buy it. I'm not holding my breath!
  8. Well now its obvious, your just trolling as I initally suspected, thanks for clarifying that. For someone claiming "we" think we know what we are talking about but don't, you state alot of your opinions like they are fact. Pot calling the kettle black maybe?
  9. Those "stupid" messages speak volumes, they are a community that feels cheated and are angry because of it. Just because your too obtuse to see that doesn't make them stupid. While they might not be the most mature reactions, I for one can understand them 100%. Having been one of the forgotten on this side of the pond in 2013, CM had alot to make up to win me back this year. Rushing a title with reduced staff just to fulfill a contract was not what I expected. Maybe this was the year they should have stuck with digital versions for everyone.
  10. And here I thought this forum was for everyone. Had I known it was only for those that pat CM on the shoulder saying "good job" I wouldn't have registered. Just curious though, where does one voice complaints if not here?
  11. It was the steering wheels or mirrors, thankfully they chose right this time :)
  12. Im infront of him, how can I have hit him?  Research lag and rubber banding. Online racing is never accurate. This is nothing new.
  13. Does the word lag mean anything? Online racing will never be perfect, get over the little shunts, on his end you might have hit him.
  14. Was the resource shortage a reference to system resources or more likely CM employees able to work on 2014? My thinking is the team is holding off next gen (2015) so a longer development could be acheived. This may leave the 2014 project with a bare minimal team not able to implement everything the community wants. Personally I think this makes sense and to be honest very acceptable.
  15. The ability to add car skins to a console game using a USB memory stick. Would solve any licensing issues.
  16. Hatta confirmed that F1 2014 will be available on disc in NA. At least it is planned to. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/189/will-disc-copies-of-f1-2014-be-available-in-north-america Thanks for that, atleast someone understood the question.
  17. :\  Nothing to offer on this topic I see, thanks anyways.....next!!
  18. Why bother replying if this is all you can offer. I'm asking a legit question that should be easy for CM to answer.
  19. That may very well be but I'm asking specifically about Canada. We were lied to for months about 2013, I would just rather skip that if its going to repeat this year.
  20. If I pre-order F1 2014 here in Canada can I expect the delays and lies with the eventual, sorry m8 but only digital for you treatment? I only ask because I see Amazon.ca have it listed for pre-order.
  21. Thats not lag your seeing. The game is freezing and if it also happens offline its clearly not lag. Time to move on guys, this game is dying a slow and painful death.
  22. Talk about being on a roll. This is just getting comical, my daily stop for a good laugh. What has CM broke with another patch today??
  23. Before I answer I ask you to please define amazing. We clearly have two different definitions because my amazing would be the last adjective I'd use is describing Grid Autosport.
  24. Consoles are getting the shaft, that much is obvious.
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