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  1. loore could you confirm that if I save my corrupt data on a memory stick, then continue playing a new save data using my same gamertag. But when the patch arrives then delete the tempery save data ive been using and  copy my orignal corrupt save data from the stick back to the harddrive and l be back in action again. Ive now lost 3 profiles and dont want to  build up a 4th and put the effort in. Id like to stil play the game but will this bring back the profile that just got corrupted today. Pls reply. 
  2. I feel for you fluke, but i feel more for the rest of us that end up in your lobby now and have to race you. As if you werent a dirty enought racer as it is, without having anger towards the game to make you eithen worse and eithen more of a bully boy. Hows flukey? O and ticticboom. Your all a bunch of sore losers that seem to be out to just mess up peoples games.  My moto..... Door to door bumper to bumper is all good but dont lash out. which is all you lot seem to do. Be the bigger child and rise above peoples mistakes on the track and dont instantly take a dislike and use them as a mov
  3. I base my score of 75 on :-  -7.5 for the save data corruption issue.  -5 for the issues with the AI, #braking late #aggressive play  -5 for lack of world leaderboard details -5 for those moments when you do cock up a bend very clearly and it still gives you a corner cut penalty. This happens eithen when you are avoiding a crash and have no choice but to cut, VERY ANNOYING!!  As an after thought on this tho, it must be a hard task for the game maker to make that side of things as fair as possible. knowing people will take a faster line off the track if they can get away wit
  4. Thats exactly what you need to do OCTOBERDUSK going on what i was told by CM. Make your wifes profile the default ID. Tho not all of us have more than one account on our consoles, in whichcase we would proberly have to pay for one and make that the default account ( making the game more expensive and alot more things we shouldnt have to be doing just to play a game we enjoy). And no this will not affect your corrupt data on your orignal ID. Once the patch arrives start your ID with the corrupt data on it and the patch should fix it, according to the guy at CM.  I do agree i too woul
  5. Codemasters simply said if you still have the saved data and not overwritten it by way of starting a new grid autosports profile it will be restored. But for this to work you must start a new xbox profile then when the patch arrives switch back to your original xbox profile/gamertag and your corrupted saved data thats linked to that orignal profile wil be fixed upon arrival of the patch, so the guy on the phone at codemasters told me yesterday. And incase some of you didnt read all my post yesterday the guy at CM told me were looking at anywhere from 2-3weeks before patch is ready and unlikely
  6. Hi everyone i to am one of the many people who have fallen victim to the corrupt save data issue. Im now on my 3rd profile after losing a level 74 and another of 54, im currently up to level 43 on my 3rd. I sent CM an email of complaint and outlined my issues and this was the reply..... We aim to release a game update shortly which should resolve any issues with save files being reported as corrupt. Please note, however, that this will not restore save files that have been altered by the user or corrupted due to data problems on your hard drive. In the meantime, you should be able to pl
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