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  1. xTheDarkLightx


    I want Giovanatzzi to win in his first year and shock everyone he's fast too, he could do it!
  2. xTheDarkLightx


    Sorry thought you meant something else...
  3. xTheDarkLightx


    I think the championship decider will be between my Prema boys Gio and Gasly and Gasly will win. I met him at goodwood and he definitely deserves to win after the bad luck he's had. Gio will win next year  ;) I be watched him since his debut in F3 so I would love him to win Gp2 and graduate as an F1 driver.
  4. xTheDarkLightx

    What was your last purchase

    I haven't bought anything big in a while so when I pre ordered F1 2016 that was probably the last thing I bought thinking of pre ordering a few more games and getting some more F1 models for my collection lol
  5. xTheDarkLightx

    The Game Thread!

    The only time I've got a game for under £50 (and £49.99 doesn't count) was when I got NFS 2015 really late in like March so I got it for £40 otherwise it's £50 or more
  6. xTheDarkLightx

    The Game Thread!

    You're PCs though I'm FRICKING XBOX! You can't buy a game for under 50 bloody quid :'(
  7. xTheDarkLightx

    The Game Thread!

    I made the mistake of pre ordering it as soon as posible and it cost me 55 pounds, some one yesterday wanted help on where they should pre order it from and when I checked all of them were selling it for 49.99 only six pounds but still  :#
  8. xTheDarkLightx

    The Game Thread!

    Hope so, though by then there will probably be some other unreasonably expensive virtual reality thing lol
  9. xTheDarkLightx

    The Game Thread!

    I will never get the vive way too much money!
  10. xTheDarkLightx

    F1 Race Stars Out Now on the App Store

    I've played it and holy **** is it bad. Who tries to mix Mario Kart with Formula One? By the way Mario Kart is better so get that.
  11. xTheDarkLightx

    F1 Challenge Out Now for Android and iOS

    I have played it for a while and think it deserved some more effort as it has amazing potential but instead you can only do challenges which aren't that entertaining after a while. It is beautiful for a tablet racer but no cockpit view and only a birds eye view sort off helicopter cam thing reduces visibility too. Overall not worth £2.99