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  1. I think the championship decider will be between my Prema boys Gio and Gasly and Gasly will win. I met him at goodwood and he definitely deserves to win after the bad luck he's had. Gio will win next year  ;)
    I be watched him since his debut in F3 so I would love him to win Gp2 and graduate as an F1 driver.

  2. Hughesy said:
    Just pre-ordered F1 16 on Steam, I wish it was out this Friday. I haven't been this excited about an F1 game since F1 2010 :D
    I made the mistake of pre ordering it as soon as posible and it cost me 55 pounds, some one yesterday wanted help on where they should pre order it from and when I checked all of them were selling it for 49.99 only six pounds but still  :#

  3. Imola would only return if there was more money in it than Monza which is ashame. I would rather have Imola as the European GP instead of  Azerbaijan because to be honest Azerbaijan doesn't even look that good and it's only there cause of money. I think Bernie should go he doesn't no what he's doing anymore