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  1. It's not possible because the extra buttons on your wheel are just replicas of other buttons. The problem is that the wheels on console only have the same amount of input buttons as the normal controller. It's not something codemaster can decide if change for themselves.
    So why not change that for PC? It is such a joke we cannot get more input buttons. Every other racing sim does that. Even in Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 it is possible, both are on consoles as well.

  2. echo321 said:
    Not using a wheel, but on PC there is so much stuff that you can assign a button to... You probably would run out of buttons. You can assign buttons for every engine mode, all setup changes that can be made on track, every single gear(whoever would use that? lol), and so on...

    how can you assign each engine mode on a different button? I can only bind "ERS increasing" and "ERS decreasing". So basically only 2 Buttons for 5 engine modes. I would love to map each engine mode on a different button because then it would be way more easy to change from "hotlap" to "none". As of now I have to press the decreasing button 4 times....