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  1. Good evening everyone, will the UDP specification change from F1 2018 to 2019? Would be great to get the details in time to update our apps to be ready for the release in June. Cheers Sly
  2. slyd0x

    F1 2019 UDP Specifications

    I had problems with the CMPS as well. Turned to SimHub and never looked back. Would be great to have it implemented in the game directly. If it lags, try to lower the rate to 30 Hz and the lag should be gone. Worked for me that way at least.
  3. slyd0x

    F1 2019 UDP Specifications

    Thanks for the answers. They might add some new things to the game. Guess we have to wait for them to announce the features, so they don't spoil it with the UDP specs 🙂