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  1. I agree with most of what you say but we used to get Loore to remove the blatant ones each week.
  2. Wall riding was sort of validated by the Intel competion as someone has already mentioned.  As the cars do not actually leave the track limits and they get damaged it's a fair trade off apparently. As for cheating, I am sick of it, the endurance this week Yas track cut has existed for some time in Grid, Grid2 and GA, so I am told and it's not been removed but as cars actually take advantage of CM missing this and then never fixing it it still goes on.  That is a cheat as far as I am concerned, like many others.  The other major problem are the users using Hacks, weight, speed, a
  3. Well as my last comment and questions were ignored I suppose that just about verify's the lack of interest now from CM and Community Managers towards Grid Autosport. It's becoming a joke the highest driver in the world listing for Racenet has blatently used a hack to add his XP to reach this position. This makes a mockery of Racenet and leaves GA honest drivers wondering why they are bothering. You ignore Email, you ignore this blog, what are you all doing to earn your wages now a days, it's certainly not supporting the product. "Leave a Comment" it states, what's the point if they are neve
  4. Well here's a question for you who is going to be looking after Grid Autosport? Now that Loore has gone we have a Racenet Challenge that's not really worth participating in as there are cheats that are not being removed some are repeated offenders. Let alone the in game cheats using Weight/Speed hacks, and no one at CM seem bothered that the game can be downloaded for free via Torrents, and provided with a KeyGen so they can use it. Please can someone take control?????? Loore did a pretty good job all round and we are sure gonna miss him, so before we all give up all hope and leave CM fo
  5. Bad enough that the game and on-line it's hard to race without someone deliberately slamming into you.  But the this weeks Racenet challenge is rediculas.  I just tried the Endurance and Open Wheel events, and in both cases I cannot overtake the other drivers because as soon as you go along side them you are greeted with being slammed into the side of the car and in both the Endurance and Open Wheel events that puts you right off the track. IN NO REAL Indy car or open wheel races does someone smash sideways into someone who is passing, it would only result in death in real life. I th
  6. Have a friend who I have invited as a friend in Racenet so he can join our club.  But he has a problem with his Racenet account.  I have added them as a friend but it would appear their game is not linked properly he shows no scores in Racenet challenge for example but he participates each week.  How can we fix this please? He's a great driver and would be nice to get this sorted. We have tried linking and unlinking his account but he is not able to unlink it.  DarkSinX
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