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  1. I've only really played 3 of them to be honest.  The first was F1 06 for the PSP, I absolutely loved that game. Put on all assists, full race lenghts and easiest difficulty. I never minded the lack of challenge, I just loved the driving. F1 06 was a very complete game, with telemetry and the process of joining a team (completing a challenge in their car) and being able to become their third driver (test driver). Also the podium celebrations and the fact that you could actually see your trophies was amazing. This game also contained some amazing classic cars, dating back all the way to the
  2. great comments everybody! Once I'm back home (I'm on an amazing road trip through Germany right now :) ), I'll try my hand at a 100% race in F1 2012 or 2013. I have noticed some kind of regeneration system on the 25% races (when I make a mistake after an 8 lap streak), so maybe this will also help me through the 100% races. it's great to see that a lot of people ( even the hardcore racers among you) agree that there should be an option for unlimited flashbacks. Now just wait and hope that @Hatta picks up on this thread and is able to comment on whether we'll see this in F1 2014
  3. as mentioned, I can still run 25% races with 4 flashbacks, which means I make maybe 4 mistakes in 20 minutes, sometimes even less. I always drive the full fp and make the most out of qualy. I wouldn't consider myself a lunatic or go as far as saying that I don't want to learn (or intend to ruin the series). If the game would offer unlimited flashbacks, and I'd run 100% races, I won't change my approach or driving style. But I'll be able to run the full races. Like I said, I don't consider making 4 mistakes in 20 minutes ' bad driving'. Maybe, in 100% races, I only rewind 10 times or so. But s
  4. This is really the only question I'd like answered. I really enjoy this in Grid: Autosport (I'm tend to make a lot of mistakes, this enabled me to enjoy the 5x races without getting annoyed by stupid small mistakes) the previous titles had a max of 4 flashbacks, and therefore I can only race 25% distance in those games, but I'd really like to race 100% races. If 2014 offers this: Insta-buy!. If it doesn't I see no reason to buy this game.
  5. Absolutely love it! I think you sound a bit like Leslie Nielsen in his better movies :smiley: 
  6. @Hatta , I love the unlimited flashbacks in G:AS, since I'm not the best racing driver (I make quite a lot of mistakes), but I do enjoy long races. My question is: will F1 2014 also have an option for unlimited flashbacks? In the 2012 and 2013 games I played the 25% distance, because I made too many mistakes to be able to races a longer distance without using all my flashbacks. Also, the tyre management system of F1 2013 was pretty bad, since the AI wasn't bothered by this, and this really ruined the idea of strategic racing to me. Is this fixed in 2014? And if yes, how? By decreasing the impa
  7. Although I love F1 2013 for what it is (graphics are a bit better too), I think the whole tyre management aspect of the game ruined the actual fun of racing for me. Especially since the AI is never too bothered by the tyre wear. In GAS, the open wheel class is all about direct, wheel to wheel races, and I'm loving it!.Also, because of the unlimited flashbacks, I can play longer races (I tend to make quite a few mistakes from time to time  :# . 
  8. Oscar97 said: You can only use them in custom cups I think. This is still not clear to me. @Loore , can you please shed some light on this? If it is integrated in the SP (and for example, you can drive in F1 GTR when driving an endurance championship with Ravenwest), or is it custom cup only? If it's the first, I'll purchase the pack, if it's that latter, I will not. 
  9. The expansion packs will be for the career mode. I know, really looking forward to them. I hope they're better DLC than what we've seen so far
  10. The extra garage slots come with the season pass if I'm not mistaken
  11. Precisely. and the DBR9 would have been awesome too
  12. I'm wondering why CM chose for these cars, and call this pack the 'Best of British Car Pack'.  The McLaren F1 (one of the best hypercar in the world, no doubt) has a V12 BMW engine (which is German), the Aston V12 Zagato was designed by Zagato, which are Italians, and the SLR is partially German (even sports the Mercedes badge...). Aren't there any Jags or Astons or Bentleys or such that are actually 'British'? P.S.: The 3 cars are beautiful and amazing, without a doubt, but still...
  13. Would give it 100 if the dlc packs would also be included in the Carreer (only mode I play, so the car packs are pretty useless in my opinion as long as you can only play with them in Custom Cup or online...)
  14. @Loore , this is one of the packs that isn't in carreer mode, right? BTW, it isn't available on Steam yet :/ 
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