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  1. I had this problem back in August. The fix I found was through LGS.
  2. It took a while but i kept re-installing the logitech G hub app but it was very buggy. I kept removing the software (including any related files) and eventually I got the Hub to work, the only issue the wheel had no force feedback this time. I then deleted it again and installed the old logitech gaming software 9.02. With a few tweaks to the in-game settings I had my wheel back with force feedback. Let me know if it still doesn't work.
  3. 1. When going into tight braking zones my G920 snaps to the right. The wheel sometimes moves a lot in a straight line as well. I have exactly the same ff settings as I had in F1 2019 on the Xbox but this has become an issue for me in F1 2020 on the PC. 2. PC 3. 1.05 4. My Team, Time Trial, Grand Prix 5. It has happened constantly and I can't find a fix. 6. I have tried driving around austria in my team and in the mercedes with default ff, increased ff and ff off. I have tried changing the wheel sensitivity out of game and have increase
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