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  1. oh i played ghost recon future soldier and it installed the high def sound something    maybe that has something to do with it ....     i should be able to play other  games  without  GA f*&ckin up
  2. all i got is black   im really pissed now    4 corrupt save files and  dlc sh*T Thats been paid for but havnt been able to download     F&*^%&*^&     codmaster    Bas&*(^&^rds   if u only had a  office in BC
  3. wundering were u can find info about corrupt game saves.  Here's the link http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2889/codies-weekly-update-25-07-14#latest.             This is what there doing with there spare time and cash that I would a rather wiped and flushed at this point in time.
  4. Ya is there a special way to actually download the the dlc. Ive paid for it got the 1st and second one the car one 1o mb. One won't download.  Meybe. U u d d l r l r A B  A B start,,    man even after 2 corupt save games "real quick with that patch,   snooore". Starting . to think its something u can't fix... Thanks for the regular info posts, u guys sure like to keep your customers happy.   π°°.  GRID 2 CD can be used as a coaster for mugs or if u need to do some unsightly body gardening it also works a as a mirror.   N∆®F
  5. yep on my second one   "and i go to options save before i exit every time" after the first frozen game corupt. im wondering if i contact MS cause i downloaded it if i can get a refund + the usless addon cause im not starting another.  i shoulded learned my lesson from grid 2 i will never buy another codemaster product again. just so u know i have bought every grid "xbox" pluse a couple PC titles from u! im disgusted that u can pull this kind of bs. im sure i wont get a reply or a fix, from what i can tell us suckers just get ignored
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