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  1. I've done the races multiple times each weekend and assist settings did not change
  2. Thank you to all who replied, hopefully with more people reporting similar issues we might be able to bring this to CM's attention.
  3. So, do I need to tag a mod for this to be checked out? This Sunday I did the Weekly race twice, and like I mentioned in my first post, same thing happened and ABS assist was enabled for both Practice and Qualifying sessions I ran before the weekend, but it was disabled in both races (even though I checked the assists menu before going to Matchmaking and it showed as enabled).
  4. Hi. As described in the title, for the first Weekly event (Austria with MP car), I had disabled ABS and used Manual Gearbox. Then for the following two events, I decided to enable it as well as changing gearbox from 'Manual' to 'Manual and Suggested Gear'. Thing is, ABS and Suggested Gear are definitely on for both Practice and Qualifying sessions, but for the Races, they both revert back to first Weekly event selection (even though they appear as I selected them before they became locked for the event.