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  1. A detailed description of the issue. I am at Round 11 of a Two Player Career mode (Singapore). I am the host. The other player is invited, jimbob212121 We did Practice 1 as a "quick practice mode". As the session ended and the game was going back to the main menu, jimbob212121's game crashed and he had to restart. Now the game is permanently stuck at the "please wait" menu and will not progress to the motorhome to progress to Practice 2. Report Code GSPA-JEEA-KCKM-PEKG Platform? PS4 Game-mode? Two Player Career [ONLINE] The amount o
  2. My favourite team... McLaren. Hopefully Magnussen is my teammate. I'm could work a storyline well. I was already at the team and MAG replaced Jenson.
  3. The sound of the engine seems quite realistic. Can the next one be an onboard TCam view please, just for a stable view.
  4. It'll be a modders dream the custom numbers. 
  5. A couple of questions:Will there be customised driver numbers? And, Will the mid-race save be back. I hope so- it allows people like me to have a full race in 2/3 different segments.
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