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  1. My favourite team... McLaren. Hopefully Magnussen is my teammate. I'm could work a storyline well. I was already at the team and MAG replaced Jenson.
  2. AmbroseRPM9

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    The sound of the engine seems quite realistic. Can the next one be an onboard TCam view please, just for a stable view.
  3. AmbroseRPM9

    Pick a team....any team!!

    Steve Hood's twitter (T4RG4)
  4. AmbroseRPM9

    F1 2014

    It'll be a modders dream the custom numbers. 
  5. AmbroseRPM9

    A lot of questions.... Here are the answers

    A couple of questions:Will there be customised driver numbers? And, Will the mid-race save be back. I hope so- it allows people like me to have a full race in 2/3 different segments.
  6. AmbroseRPM9

    What was your last purchase

    Smiths Barbecue Chips