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  1. casey stoner back to Ducati as test rider for 2016, Really hope he comes back racing. Source https://motomatters.com
  2. did you watch the race? my prediction came true lol even though I doubted it myself ;)
  3. ok I apologised by editing that post. can we just leave it now?
  4. I'm sorry I had to edit this in, I can apologise when I make a mistake it was hughesy who said that. hope you can accept my heartfelt apologies?
  5. you say about flame comments, what about your comments about Lorenzo? don't you think that flames the emotion in Lorenzo fans? man just move on and don't respond to any of my posts and I shall do the same with you? I mean you already said earlier you were done answering me but you just keep niggling and niggling at me to get a reaction.
  6. I was actually laughing about rossi, I have moved on I just wish you could do the same dave.
  7. Jorge is the man! good to see a cheat never won it hahahahahahaha
  8. danny kent first motorcycle grand prix champion from britian since 1977, fanfeckintastic
  9. gutted for danny kent, hope he can do better in the race tomorrow morning
  10. the onboard from rossi's bike shows it pretty clearly. The way he turned and looked after he kicked him, the sunglasses in the interview to stop people seeing his eyes when he was downright lying, the statement this week about how he regrets it. but I'm sure you will have an answer for all of that. Even the telemetry data you will somehow turn it around on marquez. I will never be of the opinion that it was marquez's fault.
  11. don't know how long u guys have been watching motogp but for me Rossi has got form for being quite a dirty rider with a win at all cost attitude, maybe its just karma and he is getting what he gave out all those years ago but doesn't like it at all. Must be annoying for Dani Pedrosa tho, he wins race and everyone talks about Marquez, Rossi and Lorenzo lol 100% agree with goldencolt that Iannone is rider of the year
  12. I really hope the championship is not decided by one of them crashing out and getting zero, lets hope its won by good, clean but hard racing!
  13. because he is the "magnificent marc marquez" lol he really is something special. Malaysia and Valencia left, my bet is on Lorenzo. Predict Lorenzo to get 2nd place in Malaysia and win in Valencia, Rossi 4th in both races, marquez win in Malaysia and both Hondas on podium in Valencia. If that does happen  Lorenzo wins the championship by a few points. Remember when Rossi just had to finish in Valencia in 06 (I think) but he crashed and hayden won the championship, Rossi does not normally do well there. Whatever happens I think we can all agree its been an epic season and may the best m
  14. it really is the best most pure form of motorsport, F1 can only dream of having flag to flag action like this. it really was epic and will be remembered for a very very long time. Ride of the day was Andrea (the maniac) Lannone just for that double pass on marquez and rossi coming out of Honda corner, fantastic absolutely fecking fantastic.
  15. just watching the race re run on btsport, man I could watch  that race everyday!
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