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    Official Football Thread

    Spurs realised they had a chance at 4th and had to throw it away.
  2. Platy

    The Game Thread!

    We're on tonight for a bit if you're around.
  3. Platy

    The Game Thread!

    I'll hopefully get it too if i get a PS4. Only just started watching Baseball so hopefully it'll help me learn about it :P The Show is the best sports game made, easily. I'm tempted to get a PS4 just for the new game because it's going to be amazing. You'll learn a lot from it too. Who do you follow, or haven't you picked a team yet?
  4. Platy

    Official Football Thread

    If everything finishes as it is right now in the Championship, we're sitting 2 points off the playoffs with 5 games left. Never thought Ipswich would be in this position this close to the end.
  5. Platy

    Music Thread

    Been listening to Something Corporate today. Teenage years being relived.
  6. Platy

    New Forums - Feedback thread

    Haven't read the whole thread so this might have been posted before... But a preview post option/button before you post a comment would be a nice addition. I'm sure if you've used forums before you know what I'm talking about. Being able to see if you have things correct in full view, check image sizes, etc. What we have now is alright, but I'd like to be able to see the whole post rather than have to scroll.
  7. Platy

    GULF Air Bahrain GP - 2014

    Best way to make F1 races better, bring out the safety car with 15 laps remaining.
  8. Platy

    Post your Desktop!

    My main monitor. Phone home page Phone main page
  9. Platy

    GULF Air Bahrain GP - 2014

    Did Bianchi get a drive-through penalty for Sutil driving into him?
  10. Platy

    The Game Thread!

    Nah, not awesome yet. Have some good rounds every now and then. Can use the AWP now though, and got about 80 kills with the Scout.
  11. Platy

    Official Football Thread

    I would have never thought Ipswich would be within reach of the play-offs at this stage of the season.
  12. Platy

    The .gif Thread

    Goddamn Stop Girl.  :x
  13. Platy

    Official Football Thread

    I stream pretty much all the football I watch, no worries for me.
  14. Platy

    Official Football Thread

    Next year I believe.
  15. Platy

    The Game Thread!

    I haven't really played many games recently. Just chill on CS:GO to waste an hour or two.
  16. Platy

    BTCC discussion

    I hate to say it, but the Constructors Title looks like it'll be a two team race.
  17. Platy

    TV/Movie discussion

    Haven't actually seen the last few episodes but I was at uni the other day and it was spoilt for me and I was avoiding all talk of it for so long. :(  Recently I've been watching a lot of Top Gear though.Bummer! Have you been a long-time fan of the show? Assuming you now know what happens in the finale, [spoiler]I love that Ted and Robin ended up together because I think they were meant for each other. What I don't love is the absolutely disastrous execution of that story arc. The full final season dedicated to Barney and Robin's wedding, and then we hear about their divorce ten freaking minutes (in show time) after the wedding reception. Also, hearing about The Mother's death ONE minute after she and Ted met. I initially felt nothing at seeing the credits roll for the final time, so stunned and shocked I was by what I'd just seen.[/spoiler] In more cheerful news, I'm still waiting for the LaFerrari-P1-Zonda ball of flame from the Top Gear boys :P HIMYM finale was awful. Last 5 seasons were all pretty bad tbh. Such a shame for a show that started out great.