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  1. Hughesy said:
    Uhh what?  Why would FH3 ever be free?  I've probably spent over a thousand hours playing the first 2 so I cannot wait.
    Knew you'd disagree, just my opinion no need to get defensive about it. We're allow to disagree about things ;)

    I know it's never going to be free, just saying that's the only reason I'd play it.

  2. Thoughts after EGX...

    GT Sport was much better than I thought it would be, still won't be getting it though unless it's cheap.
    FH3 really disappointed me, won't be getting that unless it ever is free.
    BF1 is still boring.
    Gears of War 4 looks good, but not interested.
    Mafia 3 actually looks really good and may have to get that.
    Tekken whatevernumber is the same as the others, fun in small doses.
    FIFA 17 looks good but I'm not buying it as I won't play it enough. Same with PES17.
    Destiny is still a thing?
    There's a lot of really average indie games.
    Surprised there wasn't more VR stuff.
    Infinite Warfare is a an utter load of shit, like I could crap into my PS4 drive and produce a more fun game play experience.

    CoD:MWR however... so good. Literally an HD version of CoD4, nothing more, and it plays exactly like I remember. Pre-ordering it as soon as I get a chance. So good.

    Also Birmingham is crap.

    Edit: Forgot to add, pro CS:GO players are insane. Stopped by to watch a few rounds of the semi-final, it's unreal what they do.

  3. I thought it was terrible, deleted it pretty quickly after playing a few games. Feels like BF4 (which I hated) but with a poorly done WWI skin on it. It's not a WWI game, it feels so much more like a WWII game that I wonder if DICE got mixed up on what war was what.

    The map in the beta was absolute trash. DICE seem to have forgotten how to make maps. The gunplay was pretty meh. Using an "SMG" feels just like using one in BF4. Hit detection was bad again, snipers completely dominate so everyone hides in the mountains making gameplay boring. The automatics are pretty much the DMR's which I hated in BF4.

    It looks good and the sound for the most part is good (other than the trash voiceover that doesn't fit the theme at all), but that's not enough for me any more. I'm done with Battlefield as a franchise, 3 disappointments in a row does that (4 if you include Battlefront). 

  4. The market's have also reacted to the fact that Article 50 won't be triggered until 2017 at the earliest, and there's still no guarantee on that. As it currently stands nothing has changed since before the referendum vote. It's a completely different situation to when/if Article 50 is triggered and the UK is in the process of leaving the EU, best to wait until that happens before judging the situation.

  5. I've decided that the best game I've bought this year is Tabletop Simulator. Had so much fun with it the past couple of weeks with friends I can't think of any other games that have come close tbh.

    I've gotten big into board games this year, play a couple of times a week with my brother and friends, so being able to continue this hobby at home with friends around the world has been great. The DLC games are amazing quality, and the Steam Workshop is full of high quality versions of board games that I've wanted to play but not wanted to buy.

    Once the weather is cooler I'll have to try out the Vive support.

  6. You oversimplied things there, sure there are vicious defenders of games and there are people who have legit criticisms. Don't forget about the people who project hate on the game just as much as the defenders protect it.

    Then there's the majority of gamers who just don't give a shit and enjoy the game for what it is and don't spend their time online arguing over every little legitimate or illegitimate complaint.