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  1. This thing happened to me too with the day one preorder content, simply first go to storage-hard/drive and cancel this download then go check your download history, i think pushing the xbox guide button there you should see all the recent dw now restart the download and that's it! It doesn't even show on my hard drive yet though.
  2. On the Xbox 360 I'm unable to download the "Road & Track Car Pack". The the download percentage will go back and forth between 0%-1%, and then a pop up message will come and say "Can't Download Road & Track Car Pack", sometimes the download bar just stays at 0% befor the pop up message comes.
  3. Sorry for being a bit late in writing this but, finally about two weeks ago after many times trying to download the "Best of British" DLC it finally downloaded for me on my Xbox 360.
  4. It would of been nice to get this car pack, but seeing that I'm still unable to download "Best of British Pack". What makes you say that the same thing won't happen with this one also.
  5. I still can not download the "Best of British Pack" on the Xbox 360. I've been trying since yesterday. Sometimes the download bar just stays at 0% complete and then a pop up message comes up and stay "Can't Download Best Of British Pack". Other times the download bar will go 0%1%0%1%0%complete... and then the pop up message comes again saying "Can't Download Best of British Pack". I hope that I'll be able to download it dometime soon since it's been paid for. I live in Canada and have a good internet connection if it helps with anything.
  6. For the Xbox360 I'm also having problems downloading the Best of British Pack. When ever I go to download it I get a pop up message that says "Can't Download Best of British Pack". Is anyone else having this problem? Is someone from Codemasters looking into it?
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