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  1. pijin

    Another developer

    Yes, but none of the current developers are in direct competition to make a full fledged console title.
  2. pijin

    Is AI still going to be **** in 2019

    The AI don’t give you space if you only have a wing or so aside. Which is like Magnussen aggressive, so it does happen, but not every driver. That being said, I prefer them being a bit more aggressive in defense, because in the past, you could just send it up the inside and the AI would turn out of the corner to let you by.
  3. pijin

    Another developer

    Multiple developers would be a good solution short term. Then capitalism would determine who ends up with the long term license. Whoever can get more sales out of their version will have a sustainable model, while the alternate is not. People tend to work harder and smarter on quality when they have direct competition. Lack of competition is one of the root causes of poor software. Plus, Liberty Media/FOM doesn’t seem to care enough to hold Codemasters accountable. Wait till CM embarrassed F1 at eSports in a big way. Then they’ll take notice.
  4. pijin

    Preseason Testing in Career Mode

    I believe it’s rumored F2 might be a part of the F1 game soon. Some folks dug through the 2018 game files found the names of F2 drivers and teams as well as Media responses that reference F2 rivalries. If this were the case, I’d be fine without a YDT, with your F2 position determining your team.