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  1. I think the balance is pretty good this year. I remember when they first introduced the tire carcass temperature model, it was too sensitive and I struggled a lot on pad to keep the tires in the window. And as career mode progressed and the cars got faster, it got worse and worse. I found it to be especially hard on pad since I feel I scrub tires more through the high speed corners. I think currently, it’s at a good balance where on higher energy tracks, they do cross 100C if you drive flat out, and there is a pace and wear benefit to taking it easier and being cognizant of the temperatur
  2. Awesome, thanks guys.
  3. Does anyone know if the PC version of F1 2020 supports haptic triggers when an XB1 controller is used? I have the game on Xbox and I really need that trigger feedback, so I want to know if I will get to carry that over if I purchase the PC version.
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