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  1. Is it just me or has the tire temperature model suddenly felt like it went back to the 2018 situation with overheating happening, particularly for pad users? I did most of the first season, including races like Monaco with no tire overheating issues (heck, I struggled to keep heat in the tires on tracks like Baku), yet now in S2 (and many patches later) I am seeing tire temperatures shoot up and never come down again. Has anyone else experienced this? The tire model early on where the temps were hard to keep made sense given how many teams IRL are struggling to adequately heat tires. I can see no sound reasoning for having changed that - unless it was a byproduct of them reverting the qualifying tire wear model. Either way, I think Codies needs to have a look...
  2. pijin

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    That’s hardly helpful. The whole problem I see is the carcass temperatures are suddenly more difficult to cool. That setting basically locks the carcass at optimal temperature. It’s not a fix, it’s a workaround.
  3. Is it just me or did the One X get a major graphics boost after the last update? I mean it was good before, but I am playing Singapore in the wet, and aside from the spray being a bit more like smoke, the graphics are utterly incredible. If There was no crowd at the edges, this could genuinely be real life images, with the rain, puddles (with reflections!!) and car texture and reflections. Even if this wasn't a recent update, hats off to Codemasters for making an utterly incredible looking graphics experience.. Now if only they could fix the qualifying tire scaling, and this game would be near-on perfect for me.
  4. @Faya is there any update regarding this? I didn't see it mentioned in the long-term update plan, and seeing as it is a pretty sizeable issue that is ruining the experience for many people, I would hope it will be addressed in the next patch, or at the absolute worst, the following. Please don't make us wait until December before the game functions as it should.
  5. pijin

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    That’s fair enough. Though tbh, I just start with a TT setup from Veloce limitless or something and then adjust it from there. From that I’ve gotten a pretty good understanding of what each element does. Ones I’m still not 100% sure on are the alignment settings and diff settings. I know how they work in theory, and I play around with them in other games like Forza. But I’m not sure I really feel the effect here. I get your point though. Teams spend hundreds of hours in simulators to get a baseline setup prior to reaching the track. I suppose running time trial could be an alternative to that? You know, I just had a crazy idea while thinking about team sims. What if (assuming we get F2 cars as rumored) you can, instead of showcase events, do test sessions and FP1 sessions for teams? That’ll earn you “driver rep” and earn the team performance points which will make them perform better when you join. Totally unrelated but I just had to write it down. Though tbh, I’m sure hundreds have had this idea already
  6. pijin

    McLaren doesn't work in Carrer

    Try reinstalling it I guess. That’s really odd. Maybe check your controller settings to see if full throttle is registering as well.
  7. pijin

    F1 2019 soon !

    Maybe.. nothing wrong with being optimistic though 😄
  8. pijin


    With the issues that intra-platform play currently has, I'd say maybe wait before asking for cross-platform.. Just saying
  9. pijin

    F1 2019 soon !

    Since they mentioned it's been two year in the works, I'm expecting big things. New (or at least seriously upgraded) game engine, and massive new gameplay elements.
  10. pijin

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    Perhaps, but that also defeats the purpose of having time-limited practice sessions doesn't it? I usually use return to garage and drive out or flying lap based on whether my issue is at the start or end of the lap. I think the current system keeps it simple and keeps it realistic. Besides, setups are practically impossible to perfect in just practice anyway. I'm in season 5 of career mode and still make tweaks to the setup each time I come around. There's very few tracks where I feel like I have nailed the setup perfectly, but I am pretty good at getting it within +/- 5% of perfect. I also feel like you need 2 or 3 laps to really know the influence of a setup tweak, so I'm not sure how just running directly to a corner is useful..
  11. pijin

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    This is a bit of a nitpick idea that I've mentioned before. But an MFD option to select the basis for the live lap delta (either on dash or HUD) would be nice. Having the option to switch between the following: Personal session best (quali or race) Previous session best (for quali) Overall session best (quali or race) Driver in front previous lap (for race) Driver behind previous lap (for race) Delta to target lap time Furthermore, having a concept of target lap times generated from the race strategy would be nice. I mean the strategy projections in this game are pretty basic linear regression, so if it has a calculated race laptime at a certain fuel load and tire wear level, it should be trivial for it to generate the "expected time" for each individual lap. Naturally, switching up the tire strategy mid race (or inclement weather) could make this a bit more difficult, but if it has the ability to generate the AI laptimes, it should be able to create a target laptime for the driver. Heck, to go really simple, it could just make the target lap time whatever your teammate is doing (assuming you are on the same strategy). And building on that, improving the race strategy practice program would be nice. Instead of just a single compound, low fuel, 3-5 lap run. I think you should pick your "proposed strategy" for the race, and then do 3-5 laps out of each stint. So if you are doing 1 stop, softs-mediums. Then do 3-5 laps on the softs with full fuel, and then 3-5 laps on the mediums with 60% fuel. That will give far more meaningful strategy laptimes than the current system.
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    What happened to Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow? /s
  13. pijin

    Another developer

    Yes, but none of the current developers are in direct competition to make a full fledged console title.
  14. pijin

    Is AI still going to be **** in 2019

    The AI don’t give you space if you only have a wing or so aside. Which is like Magnussen aggressive, so it does happen, but not every driver. That being said, I prefer them being a bit more aggressive in defense, because in the past, you could just send it up the inside and the AI would turn out of the corner to let you by.
  15. pijin

    Another developer

    Multiple developers would be a good solution short term. Then capitalism would determine who ends up with the long term license. Whoever can get more sales out of their version will have a sustainable model, while the alternate is not. People tend to work harder and smarter on quality when they have direct competition. Lack of competition is one of the root causes of poor software. Plus, Liberty Media/FOM doesn’t seem to care enough to hold Codemasters accountable. Wait till CM embarrassed F1 at eSports in a big way. Then they’ll take notice.
  16. pijin

    Preseason Testing in Career Mode

    I believe it’s rumored F2 might be a part of the F1 game soon. Some folks dug through the 2018 game files found the names of F2 drivers and teams as well as Media responses that reference F2 rivalries. If this were the case, I’d be fine without a YDT, with your F2 position determining your team.