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    F2 Difficulty too easy?

    I’m playing the F2 season at the start of my driver career, and the AI difficulty seems far too easy. I’m always weak at Monaco, but at tracks like Austria and Spain, I was a full half second quicker than 107 AI. For reference, I played at 105 AI in F1 2019 and was thereabouts with the AI in general. I’m going to try pushing the difficulty further up, but it just feels odd. I’ve barely got on top of setups and whatnot. I shouldn’t be this much quicker. XB1X - Pad - ABS only assist.
  2. Is it just me or has the tire temperature model suddenly felt like it went back to the 2018 situation with overheating happening, particularly for pad users? I did most of the first season, including races like Monaco with no tire overheating issues (heck, I struggled to keep heat in the tires on tracks like Baku), yet now in S2 (and many patches later) I am seeing tire temperatures shoot up and never come down again. Has anyone else experienced this? The tire model early on where the temps were hard to keep made sense given how many teams IRL are struggling to adequately heat tires. I can see no sound reasoning for having changed that - unless it was a byproduct of them reverting the qualifying tire wear model. Either way, I think Codies needs to have a look...
  3. pijin

    Tire Temp Model Reverted to 2018?

    That’s hardly helpful. The whole problem I see is the carcass temperatures are suddenly more difficult to cool. That setting basically locks the carcass at optimal temperature. It’s not a fix, it’s a workaround.