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  1. charleshibberd

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hello, long time absentee from the Codies forums here. Had to make a return to make some comments on this game because honestly for me, it's so close to perfect, but also falls so far short of what it could be. My main two gripes to begin with are - Why on EARTH is there no T Cam for the single seaters?? Like who actually tested this game and thought it was acceptable to not put one in, or at least give us the option to edit the cameras to replicate something similar? The F1000 cars are playable, but I can't help feeling totally deflated when I have to race one of the amazing Renault F1s in either cockpit cam, which I'm not too keen on, or chase cam which is totally ridiculous with an F1 car and always will be. Just put a T Cam in, please, it will make both the single seater classes so much more fun to play. Secondly, I would love a livery bookmarker, or an option to attach a livery to all cars that you own. This would allow the player to create a functioning brand for their team akin to the original Grid. There's little point giving us a team name when the control of said team feels so minimal and detached from any relevance. At least giving us a blanket option in the livery editor would help build up some kind of team branding feel. One additional note I would make is - I'll be thoroughly disappointed if we don't see anymore tracks after the 3rd season. Especially if I'm right in thinking the 3rd season is the final season. I can forgive everything else that this game falls short on, if we just get MORE TRACKS. There simply isn't enough - especially from a company that has the license to every single F1 track currently in use that they could easily implement into a game like this. There is a fantastic range of cars, a career mode that has so much more depth than it presents itself as having, a good set of game modes, but the lack of tracks just makes all of that irrelevant. I beg, if we get one thing, please make it more tracks. Finally, having read through this thread briefly, I also fully agree that Demolition Derby should make a return. Further features that would be great but would understandably be more difficult or unnecessary to include are: split screen multiplayer, and/or multi class racing (GTs + Prototype?). Just putting feelers out to see if anyone agrees here. Aside from these points I'm thoroughly enjoying the game, especially since I got the Ultimate Edition on offer for £30 (basically £10 because I used a playstation gift card), I can't complain at all.