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  1. On the long city track this week, I must have passed 8 cars in three laps. On long tracks like that there is just nothing seemingly you can do to avoid these crap AI.
  2. Agree with what a lot of you are saying. I'm still at odds with some of the design choices, like level locking garage spaces, but with the save game fix here I'll have to say I'm rather content with the game now. Online is fun and the racing can be very good with a group of clean racers, that's what matters most. It's funny now how most of the hate has moved on to other aspects of the game, like the new TT and DLC packs.
  3. I love the game. The action on the track is great and I don't mind leveling up, gives me something to work for. Sorry though, but I can't be arsed to back up my save after every play and then reload the game to make sure it is not corrupt. I shouldn't have to do it. I understand both sides of this story, but bottom line is that this situation should have been a priority over the rest of the bugs and treated as a separate patch. Anyway, one sides says "fanboi" and the other says "crybaby". Whatever, the truth is somewhere in the middle as always. I'm patiently waiting for the patch while playin
  4. @jerryhat, I agree and feel the same way. If it wasn't for the save corruption bug going on the game would be no different than any other release with a few annoying bugs here and there. I've definitely seen worse game releases that this, but this one bug is a total killer. Not sure why this one fix hasn't been rushed through. I don't care about mirrors or other crap right now, just want the game to save my progress. It should have been dealt with separately from the other issues and in a timely manner. Guess I'll be patiently waiting until next weeks announcement on a possible patch release d
  5. I don't really care so much that I have to pay for the garage slots and the tuning upgrades with the virtual currency, but it's really annoying to be limited by level in this way. I just want to race and use my own cars, not play some kind of racing RPG. It is what it is though :\ .
  6. Well, I agree with you NhraRacer, that's why I said it's in your best interest to wait for the full version of the game at a discounted price if you have the patience for it. In this case I didn't because I wanted to play online right away, but I acknowledge there is an extra price to pay. I wanted it so I bought it. Where did anyone talk about entitlements anyway?
  7. This is why I usually wait to buy games, but for some reason I needed to have GA on release. Should have known better. Recently, I've bought Dishonoured GOTY, Deus Ex HR Editor's Cut, Red Dead GOTY, and Batman Arkham City GOTY editions. Each one 20 bucks with all DLCs and pathces applied. That's 80 bucks for all four games with all DLC on disc....lol. It's a sad age for gaming but patience is hugely rewarding.
  8. Yeah, It seems like people flip out a lot on this game. I had a guy flip out on me last week when I tried to avoid a crash three cars wide on the first curve. I slowed down to swerve and the entire backside of the grid came flying in crashing everyone. The guys starts yelling at me for "stopping" in the middle of the track. What am I supposed to do, go straight through the wreck and destroy my car? The funny thing is I was completely on the left and out the way anyway so I'm not even sure if he confused me with someone else or what. Some people just have a short fuse and forget its a game. I o
  9. Yeah, I think only if you had the foresight to make a backup save earlier will that option work. Like if you saved a copy to a USB stick or the PS+ cloud save prior to the corrupted save. I think you are SOL otherwise bro. Start a new save for now and hopefully the patch comes soon which should fix the corruption issue, I hope.
  10. Why the decision on PS3 to link the extra garages to the Season Pass? Seems pretty extreme to have to pay 29.99 US just to get a few more slots yet for Xbox you can buy it standalone apparently. I don't care much for the rest of the content on offer. Well, it's a good business decision I guess, getting people to pony up some cash for functionality that should be in the game for free anyway. Regardless, I would pay the 2$ for the extra garage slots, but no way I'm dropping 30 bones for the entire season pass.
  11. Sounds like you guys are just arguing semantics here. There is always an optimal racing line to follow around every turn. If someone is already on the optimal line though, you may have to deviate off the line to the outside if you throttle out faster. Or they slide off the line to the outside and you deviate to the inside of them before they can recover. The otpimal line however, remains the same always.
  12. Most people have no semblance of racing etiquette in this game, or in any racing game for that matter. Anyone can make a mistake and cause a crash, it happens to the best, but some people don't even realize when they should concede the line. The one that infuriates me the most is when your on someone and they go well wide on a hairpin and they slam off the wall and come right back into the racing line as your cruising past. And then they wonder why we both end up sideways. Sorry, but you should keep wide when you slide off the line. Also, what is up with people being able to keep up with you
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