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  1. zibberman2003

    Ranking problem

    After the reverse grid problem when you qualify in career races first I now have yet another issue which has really angered me. Now according to this bloody game I'm a level 1 ranked driver when yesterday I was in the 90's, I own every car and have 12 season 3 events left to complete the game and my credits are at £26,969,000 so why am I at driver level 1? I'm seriously considering dumping this game and getting an Xbox one with Forza as I've been playing that on my pc and it's working perfectly, Grid is just another game on the ps4 that isn't living up to the hardware which is a dam shame because on the ps3 it was way better. It's not like we are asking a lot from the developers, all we want is a game that works without issue and considering the cost of games being mostly £50+ when they don't work right we gamers start to get ****** off, especially when it's something like your progress that's effected. SORT THIS GAME OUT AND RESTORE MY DRIVER RANKING TO WHERE IT SHOULD BE.
  2. zibberman2003

    New update problems

    There is a major issue with the latest update version 3.03 and it's destroying the career side of the game. It doesn't matter which event you are doing but if you choose to qualify and get first place you don't start in first place. I've had the following problem each time I qualify in first, so you'd think starting at the front cool but then when I start the race I'm in 16th so it's left me thinking the update is a reverse grid update, or the devs have screwed the pooch and destroyed the career mode.
  3. zibberman2003

    PS4 Grid crashes

    I had similar problem when I first played it and I had it on external ssd and it would stutter and freeze. It runs so much better if you install Grid on the ps4 internal drive.
  4. zibberman2003

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Apart from the issues caused by that first update and launch issues I do quite like what's been done. However with that said there are several things that would make the game so much better like drifting for example which was one of the main reasons I loved the old Grid games with the second being my all-time favourite. I also think more tracks are needed like the Washington park track and the coastal track, and I'm sure it wouldn't be hard as you've got the original designs somewhere, and if you could add the F3 open wheel race car that would be great as that was my favourite car to race. Yes I could carry on all day with a list of additions we'd like to see but life's to short and I'm sure you get the idea, so please consider my suggestions and give us gamers what we waited so long for, a version of Grid made up off at least 90% of the tracks, cars and events from the old versions, and considering the cost of the game I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels a little let down.
  5. zibberman2003

    PS4 Grid crashes

    I am getting very frustrated with all the issues this game has like if one of my friends joins an online race I'm in the game glitches and all the cars start jerking forward and backwards which destroys the racing. I've also had more game crashes in career than I'd like (well over 20) and it corrupted my saved data. I'm stunned that only after owning this game for just over a week I'm ready to throw it in the rubbish bin because as it is at the moment that's where it belongs. And when you look at what the game cost the fact it's almost unplayable is ridiculous. 1. Game freezes at start of most career types and there's only a few where it does crash just after you click to start. 2. In online races cars jump forward and backwards. 3. Random weirdness after races like racers who were at the back of the field in the race magically appear in first place with times that aren't possible.
  6. zibberman2003


    Well codemasters are still not giving the gamers what they need to stay in business, the urgently needed update for grid autosport still hasn't arrived yet they can still get dlc online quick enough.  Codemasters, you are taking the piss now, and don't try saying it's the fault of Sony or MS because that is a lie, just be honest, there is no update to stop corrupted data and other glitches in your poorly produced game. And why does the black edition dlc cost £1 less than it cost the people who preordered the game?  I hope you go under and lose your jobs as for myself codemasters are never getting another penny out of me and there are thousands of other gamers who feel the same.  Get the update done and stop putting dlc up until you do.
  7. zibberman2003

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Codemasters said Grid autosport was an apology for the many issues and mistakes made with Grid 2, I think they need to look up the word apology, they have no clue what it means. And for all the people like me who pre ordered autosport black edition expecting an exclusive car but neglected to mention you have to buy it in game, and it's the same with the best of British pack, to me that is misrepresentation and yet another kick in the nut sack. I am never buying another game from them as they seem to have no idea how to spot even the most basic of glitches and fix them. Yes Sony may be testing a patch but I doubt it, my data corrupted in the first few days after release so they have known for over 5 weeks and nothing has been done. So join me and make a stand don't buy anymore codemasters games until they can prove they do care about us the consumers.
  8. zibberman2003


    I have an ps3 and have had grid from day one, grid 2 kept corrupting my data and now I have the so called apology game for grid 2 and guess what? CORRUPTED DATA AGAIN. 9 times now, well over 500+ hours of my life with nothing to show for it, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. For example a car only needs to be upgraded once and those upgrades paid for once, not each time I turn on the game, my mini miglia was updated over 40 times at good knows what cost because you don't get your money back. Other glitches include cars going off track only to reappear way out in front, getting disconnected while in the middle of a race (I have fiber broadband) the list goes on. Grid autosport is not codemasters saying sorry for grid 2, it's codemasters saying HAHAHA GOT YOU AGAIN AND YOUR NOT GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK. They need to know they can't treat loyal customers like this because soon they will have no customers, I don't think I will ever purchase another game from codemasters as I have lost faith in their ability to produce a stable game that can be completed, instead I see them as a third rate entity that is willing to rip people off by putting out a game way before it was ready and fully tested. SHAME ON YOU CODEMASTERS!!! And I bet nothing gets done, and I'll put money on them not even responding to this.