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  1. If it's there, I hope it's without trophies :trollface:  Otherwise I hope it doesn't exist xD
  2. Sure I'd like it if they're all like in RL, but I realy don't care if they're not. (OK, I care, but not so much that I wouldn't buy it if they're inaccurate). The Williams livery solution is far worse than some wheels.
  3. What's wrong with you ppl? Complaining about steering wheels being not accurate? DAFUQ?? Sure, I also want it to be as detailed as possible, but if this is not the case, it isn't a game breaker for me. These are just fucking steering wheels you won't even notice, as you are paying attention to the track. 
  4. I hope it's not there. I can see the point why ppl like it, but I found it just annoying! And don't come with the smart "Then don't play it" move. I have to, because there are trophies for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 
  5. IDK 'bout you guys, but I like the Very Easy and shorter career seasons. Makes it easier to get the trophys for career and never touch the mode again, if it's like F1 2012 &2013's.
  6. Dpesn't matter anyway. I didn't place an order I canno't change, so I'm still free to get F1 2014.
  7. OK, so we'll just go minus one on "I'll buy both". ;) Is there any way to change your vote? I feel the urge to buy F1 2014 as well. Thought I'd just go for pCARS and wait until F1 2015, sorry, 'Next Gen F1'. But I imagine it to be around 6 Months (9 Months ATM) away, and pCARS doesn't feature V6 Turbocharged Open Wheel cars and neither Austria nor Russia as tracks :( (And my collection would miss 1 Platinum Trophy (I have all from 2010-2013))
  8. More like CM do not yet know if they will hold the new 5 year contract which runs out this year and if  the 2014 version is a flop then CM aint going to be making a 2015 version  ... Nope. We have a strong contender for the name, just waiting for it to pass through approvals. Seems like you will lose your monopoly of F1 games, but I'd bet I'm totally off track with this guess. BTW: You manipulated the poll, as I could bet you won't buy F1 2014 and neither 'Next Gen F1'. You work for the friggin dev's and get it 4 free! ;)
  9. Maybe something ike F1 Challenge 99-02 ? F1 10-15 ? Steve said there won't be F1 remakes on Current Gen, as the way of making the cars changes. But who knows :D
  10. Somewhere between the Chinese and Spanish GP
  11. They said it has yet to be decided how to call it. My guess is they'll call it "F1 2014/15"
  12. Only Next Gen. I get tired of my PS3. Great duty for 7 years, but the lady needs some rest. Let the kids do the work.
  13. I'm sure this will fail so hard F1 2015 will be their last F1 game.
  14. If this is True: FUCK YOU CM! If not: Well, it better be...
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