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  1. With the current issues that have yet to be solved with the Corrupt save files Codemaster's should seriously consider having Beta tests being done by the community. Other major developers do this and so should they as well. This would help with finding these major error's before release of the completed game and make gamer's enjoy the games that they produce. With having been hit with the corrupt file this early after release Codemaster's is bordering on Limited Warranty 90 day since what is been written on the disk is in fact faulty. Depending on how you read the Limited Warranty they will probably say that only the disk is covered and not the data. If that is the case then they are bordering on selling a defective product and with upcoming changes to the laws for digital downloads could in fact find themselves at the end of a lawsuit. IMO that is. I realize that creating these games is not the easiest thing to do but with a bit more testing by the community it could make everyone happier. 
  2. There are different forms of testing when it comes to anything software related. The Alpha testing is behind the scenes testing that is done. Beta tests are obviously after and would include online test like testing how the servers react to online play. Once the Beta tests are complete they have loads of data to work with and will fix them before the game is launched. There was no such testing done for this game that they made aware of to the community. There is a game out in Beta test that only gamers that pre-ordered the game had access to. They have already opened the testing to all the community. Therefore if Codemaster's is using a release version to Beta test they have it all backwards. Also if someone does participate in a Beta they don't have to pay to play it and usually get some sort of game add-on once the game is released. Hope that clears it up. Cheers
  3. So another gamer (AKA ME) has a corrupt save file. Glad I have a $50 drink coaster. 4 of my friends on the Xbox 360 have had the same issue. No reason that it has become corrupt either. We all played the game in different ways and enjoyed being able to race for fun. Only one of my friends has yet to get his game corrupted and I'm sure it is only a matter of days before his is corrupt. A couple of us have checked on the trade-in value of the game and the best offer is $10. Guess all the retailers have figured out that no one will buy a game that fails to work after a few weeks. Is the patch going to work? We don't know. Codemasters never fixed the original Grid game glitches either. Some of us are seriously thinking that we will never purchase another one of there games. All we have heard is that the patch is coming. When is it coming and will it fix this issue or not????