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  1. Usually that's a good sign for something, when they announced f1 2015 they took off their Facebook page. If it's a video it would make sense that their FB page is still up but not their website because on Facebook they can just upload it whereas on the website they might to actually take it off and upload it.
  2. There better be something this week... 
  3. Codemasters better release something before this place turns into the Project Cars general discussion ;) 
  4. Still a thing. :) Does this include both online and offline? Or just online?
  5. https://twitter.com/kaywest663/status/508670649997729792 https://twitter.com/T4RG4/status/508872761054597120 Who knows if this is even the case now.. Althought they haven't talked much about replays or online so I'll keep my hopes up.
  6. The older Codemasters f1 games had gearbox and engine failures right? I've never played them but if so they should really implement those again! 
  7. If some of you guys are for sure buying it on PC.. go look on steam right now.
  8. There actually is a pit girl holding Perez's sign :wink:  Although I wonder if we get a formation lap, but with the reports it doesn't seem like it.
  9. In F1 2015 you pick which driver / team you want to race for and compete as them.
  10. Eh.. I think that honestly removes the point of career mode. After sesson 1 then what? You can't switch teams with the same driver, surely that goes against their licence? You would switch teams and become another driver? I am excited for the rest of the game though! 
  11. A seperate announcement for career mode features?
  12. Op is talking about the part of the Monaco screenshot where it says, "Broadcast, Voice Over"
  13. If they get the AI/Physics way better, which I believe is the case I would be happy, However I would also like new features.. so hopefully they've found the time to be able to do that.
  14. I think we're going to get many new features. I watched a youtube video which compiled tweets from Steve Hood. What stood out the most was when he said that Codemasters would only add new features like ex. formation lap, once they got the physics and AI better. After the leak, the screenshot said they are fine tuning the in-game broadcasting like older f1 games. So I have a feeling Codemasters feel that they have got the physics and the AI good enough that they can change their focus to add more features like the formation lap for example. But maybe I'm putting too much thought into it.
  15. No official news as of yet, however a couple of  leaked screenshots got released with some information on them.
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