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  1. I’ve bought the Super Deluxe Edition with S1 to S4 and downloaded all the content but in the events menu it still tells me I don’t have the Season Pass 4. It shows the D+ symbol and sends me to the Xbox Store. I can access the content fine in Time Trial and I can buy the cars and use the tracks, but not in the Events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Any way of fixing this? Best Regards.
  2. Hi there, Notice another bug / issue. On all classic cars, during Qualifying, the fuel usage is the same irrespective of the fuel mode (Lean, Standard, Rich, MAX). Would it be possible to get it corrected in a future patch, please? It does work fine then in the race, but in Qualifying it doesn't. I think it is draining as per MAX settings on either of the other modes. I'm on Xbox One and this happens during Unranked Matches. I think the same happens during Grand Prix Mode as well, but I'm not 100% sure. Best Regards.
  3. Hi there, My online racing group and myself are quite enjoying the F2 weekend format with the Feature Race and the Sprint Race with the reverse grid for the first 8. Would it be possible to add these to the F1 2019 and Classic modes in the Unranked Lobbies for hosts to costumise? I know it can sort of be done with the Custom Grid but it isn’t as efficient. Best Regards.
  4. andrelico

    F2 Qualifying Length

    Hi guys, would it be possible to introduce a Short Qualifying (10 or 15 mins) for F2? Both in Championships and in Multiplayer Lobbies. There is only 1 set of Softs to be used, so 30 mins is an enormous amount of time and One Shot is too unforgiving. Thanks and regards.