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  1. Yep, the worst thing is when you follow a slow car round a corner on then racing line and on exit it slams the brakes without moving off the line with you just a few feet behind. You either swerve and lose time/your wing or rear end the car and most likely get a penalty
  2. F1 2015 is on PC as well, just tweeted Codies and asked.
  3. This is what I really want to know as well.  If F1 2015 is not on PC and we get stuck with old gen 2014 until at least F1 2016 then I will be investing in Assetto Corsa instead.
  4. I'll just say that lapped cars are much harder to pass than cars you're racing against
  5. Nice to see plenty of positivity about the game although I really wish they could just release this demo to the public, or at least any demo. I really don't feel comfortable buying a game without trying it, so I guess I'll be waiting for a friend to buy it or for it to get cheap sadly.
  6. Please do a demo, looks great but I need to try a racing game before I dump £25-30 on it, just to be sure.
  7. I have this in co-op. It's weird, they come out of the pits on the correct set but it just switches as soon as they reach the end of the pitlane. Quite annoying as well. I play PC
  8. Main thing I really want to see is actual ai. Right now, they just drive around like robots, all going for the same strategy, all following the same line every lap, making no mistakes really. They only really attack you when you go off the line and do pretty much nothing to defend. Obviously penaltys, atmosphere and graphics can and should all be improved, but ai is the main thing for me. Obviously it's tricky what with having to change the cars hugely this year but it would improve the game 100x for me. One other thing, if you bring it out on current gen and next gen, don't screw over pc li
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